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   Cha Am Beach morning sun for the ultimate AM walk, jog, or swim.  

The #1 destination natural health & spa resort village - now voted the # 7 retirement community in the world! New beach condos start at $60,000 usd

Bali Lau Entertainment HD Video Tour Magazine in production . Tropical Daze Night Sounds is a leisure entertainment video tour series about the world's everyday magic & mystery we're often too busy to acknowledge!
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Tour the Khao Yoi Cave Wat

Khao Yoi Cave Wat tour video produced by Bali Lau Entertainment with  original music by shadawmon  Watch this music video tour of the Khao Yoi Cave Wat where King Mongrut (RAMA IV) spent his early years in meditation. His life story was the basis of the multi acadamy award winning musical & film, THE KING & I


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Experience the tranquility of Thailand's finest private Thai holistic hospitality treasures like the Anantara. You'll find nyumerous quaint natural beach resorts, spas & guesthouse retreats in this peacful tropical setting. Hua Hin has a reputation for friendly locals and numerous interesting places & things to see & do nearby!

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Whats new in Cha Am/ Hua Hin area? The Santorini Water Park
The new SANTORINI WATER PARK has a major size water slide, ferris wheel, adult rides & a small kids theme amusement park with rides & boutique shops

 The regal Hua Hin community is a weekend getaway for Thai movie stars and Bangkok's elite, and a paradise found for travelers. Hua Hin offers unmatched beauty in relaxing, yet vibrant surroundings. A choice of three - five star resorts dot the coastline & numerous styles of accommodations are available in town for visitors and groups, alike from a few hundred baht to a few hundred Euros per night.

There are secluded beach bungalows, townhouses, houses, condo homes for rent, and quaint garden guest villas and chalets for your meditative trance, dance and/or holiday romance!


A growing handful of expats cherish their newly found hidden exotic retreat of Hua Hin, as the cost of living is comparitively inexpensive, plus there's still reasonably priced condos, traditional Thai homes, and some new custom homes and land for sale within a few km proximity to the Royal Klai Kangwong Palace.
The area is growing fast though.

Hua Hin is located on the western seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand (Siam). Real Estate and prime land is surely the crowned jewel opportunity in Hua Hin and especially
Cha Am right now as it is still a somewhat uncrowded seaside resort & favorite beach and golf playground.

Visit the hidden tranquil getaway of Cha Am for rest, relaxation& rejuvenation w/ a healthy regiment of local vegetable & seafood cuisines, local Asian teas & plenty of local fruit , beverages, holistic massage, and a great atmosphere for exercise programs like swimming, cycling, walking the beach & local tours. There are four local theme parks.


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a paradise found for leisure seekers

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Pala U Waterfall
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Cha Am 5 star beach resort

Grand Pacific

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Raya Resort Cha Am 

Close by is the Palm Hills Golf Resort

six local golf courses in Hua Hin


Thai Jazz & folk Legend, Metawan 'Tewan' Sapsanyakorn      listen

People from all over the world come to visit and some decide to relocate and stay as Hua Hin is one of the most alluring destinations for peace & tranquility with it's laid back lifestyle and nearly ideal year round weather. Hua Hin is is generally uncluttered and free from many of the crowds and problems associated with other resort areas.


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Hua Hin Open Markets - Night Market - Street Markets

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 View a DV Photo-Video Tour of the Hua Hin Bo Fi Wat & Gardens

Bo Fai  Wat & Gardens, Hua Hin 

Safe and secure cannot begin to describe the vibrant nature of this traditional Royal Community. Hua Hin has remained one of Thailand's best preserved cultural treasures, thanks to the efforts of the King and Queen. It's just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Pattaya City, and the Phuket lifestyles to leave that all behind when you enter the peaceful solitude of the orchid gardens and magnificent artistic Wats surrounding this quaint Thai fishing community traditionally made up of of servants to the Klai Kangwong Palace.

Hua Hin offers art, crafts, silk shops, open street markets, designer boutiques, and a wide selection of excellent Thai seafood & international culinary delights famous with Thailand's who's who.

Hua Hins is famous for having Thailand's longest & oldest white sand beach. It has six local pro class greens and is an exotic beach retreat for sunseekers and travellers with it's rustic coastline on the western seaboard!  Visitors are welcomed with a special brand of Hua Hin hospitality in the spirit of Thailand's 'land of smiles' cultural heritage. There's lots of new homes and condos now in the works in varying price ranges from 1.5M baht.

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