ISLANDELIGHTS Island Style’n Gear

 aaaay, check out the kool ladies tropical handbags available from Hawaii . . . .

  Introducing Asia Pacific Islandelights Styles
Hawaii Fun Sun Tropical Creations
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celebrate the premier of Islandelights Island Style'n hip trop ladies tropical handbags!


Islandelights of Hawaii has over 40 new hip-trop hand bag styles & colors!


& more styles, sizes, and colors are currently being catalogued & up-loaded to our servers

Islandelights introduces hot island style'n hip-trop handmade braids & weaves in the coolest tropical hyacinth styles and colors.
Extremely flexible, lightweight, superb quality with lasting durability. Lined in fabrics - most with zip tops & inner zip key pouch, too!

click images to enlarge - select style/size/product number and order on-line!

. Three sizes coming in some styles - Islandelights hip-trop island style'n ladies tropical leisure gear!

Series 2400 manufacturers suggested retail price $67.00 - buy now $34.95 SAVE $31.00!


Tropical "hip-trop" island style medium weave natural hyacinth reed


a versatile casual compact, durable, & lightweight handbag in distinctive patterns or solids with matching and non-matching color leather straps

top & zipper pouch lined in medium beige or dark brown fabric.



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