For hundreds of years Hawaiian's referred to certain secrets of the islands. Many of these 'secrets' were directly correalated to their love of the environment and the good health and longivity they enjoyed in their 'Aina', (love of island home)

traditional Hawaiian islander.

Surely, at least part of the good life and the health benefits derived from living in the islands can be directly attributed to their diet and island lifestyles. Many of the health benefits were actually discovered right in the tidepools and seawater itself - These were both physically and emotionally invigorating to the Hawaiians. Today we know the alge, minerals, and ocean salt all contain healing properties.

Hawaiian 'ipuwhaune' traditional fish net

Hawaiian's chose to combine their Aina lifstyle with dried fish [caught in traps like the one above] for protein, tropical fruits & nuts for vitamins, and Poi for their carbohydrates.

On the othe side of the world, the Romans had already begun indulging in their own style of mineral baths, open pools, and water spas, which was referred to as 'Sanum Per Aqua'. The translation means 'treatment by water gardens. Romans frequented the health spas and consumed nutritional benefits of grapes, olives, fruits, and wines.

The Romans had their baths, the Swiss had saunas, and pacific islanders sought refuge in the tidepools, but all had a common goal. Throughout time people have sought the benefits of holistic therapies conducive to peace of mind, body and spirit.

2000 years ago it was only the very elite Romans could relax and unwind in garden spas, and they gleaned considerable enjoyment and physical well being from it. Soon it become a fashionable activity with the middle & upper class to visit the garden spas enjoying the healing properties embodied in the mineral baths and massage oils. This was so therapeutic and rejuvenating, the ideal of healthy living through mineral water spa treatments, sauna baths, and massage clearly became a favorite pastime for generations to come. Today - it is available in many varied styles and offerings to travelers all over the world in a wide spectrum of costs and styles of treatments.

No matter what culture or part of the world - people pursue the same quest for mineral hot springs, spas, water treatments, and natural foods, as they are all embedded in our primal instinct and a universal quest for youth, longevity, and rejuvenation. Mythology makes numerous references to that elusive Fountain of Youth.

In today's modern spas, water treatments have somewhat become a secondary element to massage and the other types of mineral oil treatments and wellness healing programs, yet mineral springs, natural ocean water, and treated water fitness spas are basic essentials to providing key elements necessary for all around healthy living.

The Aiyapura Spa Resort in Koh Chang, Thailand offers a combination of east west styles of health and wellness spa treatments that include elements from all over the world combined for superb nature induced health rejuvenation.

From the healing properties from the environment itself to ancient Thai body massage, Oriental mineral baths, Swedish massage, and essential oils - all are part of a complete Aiypura program that is available in an exclusive tropical nature resort spa setting.


The Aiya spa is the newest addition to the AIYAPURA Resort & Spa Facility and Activity. It is presently located at the Health Club & Spa Pavilion at the front of the resort. The therapy and treatment room will ensure you the most convenience and quietness you will need for treatment.

Hours of Operation: The Aiya Spa is open from 09:00 to 21:00 everyday


                                             WATER TREATMENT ROOM

Aromatic Thai Herbal Steam-Sauna-Hot Water Pool-Cold Water Pool, Refresh your body in our Water Treatment Room. Ideal before a massage, body treatment or anytime to clean the skin, clear the lungs, promote the circulation and invigorate the body.


Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Herbal Massage
Swedish Massage
Asian Blends
Royal Aiyapura Massage
Aiyapura Scalp Massage
Aiyapura Back & Shoulder Massage


Thai Herbal Body Polish
Oriental Body Glow
Apricot Body Scrub
Skin Smoothing Salt Scrub

Seaweed Body Masque
Honey Body Masque
Aloe and Lavender Masque

Facial Harmony
Facial Scrub with Apricot
Aiyapura Collagen Care

Salon Treatments
Hair Salon
Hair Treats
Skin Smoothing Salt Scrub

The Aiyapura also offers a modern fully equipped fitness & work out room

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