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Thailand's native holistic spa-massage compounds offer numerous skin care & natural healing benefits


Siam Natural Soap Tropical MANGO is one of our many natural fruit & herb bars! Our original handmade SIAM NATURAL tm SOAP bars are 100% natural ingredients & 100 grams ea. per bar for only $6.50 USD including shipping & handling worldwide! improves complexion & imparts a healthy glow to your skin!

Tropical MANGO is but one of our original SIAM NATURAL SOAP bars each 100% handmade with all natural ingredients & 3 1/2 ounces (100 grams) per bar.
Our handmade soaps come in various natural fruits, florals & herbal blends and the best news is;
$6.50 USD ea. includes shipping/handling worldwide
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Super natural green herbal health supplements from Asia click to learn about Asian Fak Khaao gac fruit powder - an all natural dried vita-rich tropical fruit powder supplement & culinary ingredient from Siam Natural premium grade dried Gac fruit powder also known as Fak Khaao & Qua Gac             
    Sea Buckthorn  Vitamin rich health & beauty/skin care supplements - Read about Asia's super fruit berry, Sea Buckthorn
Asia's dried Gac fruit powder & Sea Buckthorn berries are green living super natural health compounds. Fak Khaao (Gac fruit powder) contains 70X the lycopene in tomatoes, 60X the vitamin C in oranges, & over 10X the beta-carotene in carrots. Both are traditional Asian super-fruit vitamin supplements, tantalizing culinary ingredients, and natural herbal health nutrient products.
They're all blended into one 400mg Veggie-cap called,

Siam Natural REGENERATIVE  a superb blend of Pueraria mirifica, Sea Buckthorn berry, & Gac Fruit Aril for skin conditioning , anti-aging, & cell rejuvenation from the inside out!a life sustaining blend of super natural herbal botanicals available in 400mg Veggie-caps.
This powerful herbal supplement contains 100% natural Kwao Krua Kao root powder, Fak Khaao fruit pulp aril,& Sea Buckthorn berry powder  Read more

We draw from those tried and true ancient organic botanical herbal compounds that come from mother nature and grow in rainforests naturally. These herbs have a two thousand year track record of success in helping people prevent diseases, look & feel younger, and live longer though eastern natural botanical folklore remedies.

pure natural Thai rainforest herbal health supplement compounds & Veggie cap encapsulations can be purchased direct here: Thailand super natural health compounds

Siam Natural  brand premuim grade cold pressed  Rice Bran Oil Siam Natural cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran Oil 500mg soft-gel caps [Oryza sativa] soft gel caps contains natural vitamin E w/ Tocotrianol

Our Asian super-nutriment fruit powder supplement, Fak Khaao (gac fruit) combined with cold pressed Rice Bran oil can achieve the ultimate balance of fatty acids ratio & supply all the necessary vitamin E, C and pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene) for an ideal health balancing supplement.

The American Heart Association now recommends use of oils having an equal proportion of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The world Health Organisation (WHO) recommends ratio of saturated/monounsaturated/ polyunsaturated fatty acids as 1:1.5:1 and linoleic acid (omega6)/alpha linolenic acid (omega3) ratio of 5-10 in the diet. Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare suggests fatty acid ratio of saturated/monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fatty acids as 1:1.5:1 and 4:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids
. Rice Bran composition 18 45 37 ( SFA - Saturated fatty acid, MUFA - Monounsaturared fatty acid, PUFA - Polyunsaturated fatty acid)  
 A noteworthy fact is that the intake of polyunsaturated fat should be accompanied by vitamin E, vitamin C and/or beta-carotene consumption (such as in Fak Khaao) to help prevent lipid peroxidation (oxidative stress that occurs in the cells as a consequence of an inequity  between the pro-oxidant/anti-oxidant systems). * Catala, Angel (2011, August 17). LIPID PEROXIDATION. SciTopics Introduction to Lipid peroxidation

Super natural cold pressed virgin coconut oil

It has become clear that individuals consuming coconut oil rather than soybean, olive or other LCT (long chain triglyceride) oils have an edge in losing weight and keeping it off. Thailand produces some of the highest quality virgin cold pressed coconut oil in the world. Read the history and scientific details.

Read about Thai Mangkrut super fruit Thailand's Mangosteen pericarp (rind) is loaded with super natural healing benefits - read about it here . . . Saim Natural offers pure sun-dried herbal compounds  Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana)

Mangosteen is renowned as Thailand's 'Queen of fruits' for it's wonderful taste - yet the outer pericarp (rind) contains all the phyto-nutriment 'Xanthones' with over forty free radical scavenging anti-oxidants. This is one of the worlds greatest 100% natural resources for prevention of cardiovascular disease!

Kra Chai Dum read more
an amazing black color root rhizome related to ginger known in Thai folklore as a male aphrodisiac

For hundreds of years Hawaiian's referred to certain secrets of the islands. Many of these 'secrets' were directly correalated to their love of the environment and the good health and longivity they enjoyed in their 'Aina', (love of island home)

traditional Hawaiian islander.

Surely, at least part of the good life and the health benefits derived from living in the islands can be directly attributed to their diet and island lifestyles. Many of the health benefits were actually discovered right in the tidepools and seawater itself - These were both physically and emotionally invigorating to the Hawaiians. Today we know the alge, minerals, and ocean salt all contain healing properties.

Hawaiian 'ipuwhaune' traditional fish net

Hawaiian's chose to combine their Aina lifstyle with dried fish [caught in traps like the one above] for protein, tropical fruits & nuts for vitamins, and Poi for their carbohydrates.

On the othe side of the world, the Romans had already begun indulging in their own style of mineral baths, open pools, and water spas, which was referred to as 'Sanum Per Aqua'. The translation means 'treatment by water gardens. Romans frequented the health spas and consumed nutritional benefits of grapes, olives, fruits, and wines.

The Romans had their baths, the Swiss had saunas, and pacific islanders sought refuge in the tidepools, but all had a common goal. Throughout time people have sought the benefits of holistic therapies conducive to peace of mind, body and spirit.

2000 years ago it was only the very elite Romans could relax and unwind in garden spas, and they gleaned considerable enjoyment and physical well being from it. Soon it become a fashionable activity with the middle & upper class to visit the garden spas enjoying the healing properties embodied in the mineral baths and massage oils. This was so therapeutic and rejuvenating, the ideal of healthy living through mineral water spa treatments, sauna baths, and massage clearly became a favorite pastime for generations to come. Today - it is available in many varied styles and offerings to travelers all over the world in a wide spectrum of costs and styles of treatments.

No matter what culture or part of the world - people pursue the same quest for mineral hot springs, spas, water treatments, and natural foods, as they are all embedded in our primal instinct and a universal quest for youth, longevity, and rejuvenation. Mythology makes numerous references to that elusive Fountain of Youth.

In today's modern spas, water treatments have somewhat become a secondary element to massage and the other types of mineral oil treatments and wellness healing programs, yet mineral springs, natural ocean water, and treated water fitness spas are basic essentials to providing key elements necessary for all around healthy living.


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