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Siam Natural  herbal health care products include an omnibus of compounds, powders, & ethno botanical anti-oxidants & skin care treatment oils.

Tanaka tree - Limonia acidissima Thua thong (mung bean - vigna radiata)   Amlaki Fruit  (emblica officinalis)   Phaohom (kaempferia galanga)  Soap Pod (acacia_concinna)  Makrut Lime  (kaffir lime citris hystrix)   Chaludh (alyxia_reinwardtii_blume)  Plai (zingiber cassumunar)  Rice (oryza sativa glutinosa )  Imported Asian super healing Green Tea

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Pink Lotus | Sona Champa | Kradang | Sacred Buddha 

Organic botanical face & body healing & skin & massage oils

Makham pom Fruit Pulp Oil | Jasmine Rice Bran Germ oil


Asia is widely known and esteemed as one of the world's oldest healing arts centers of ancient cultural expression. Traditional Thai & Balinese herbal compress massage and
it's rich history originates in Buddha's lifetime. Siam Natural organic herbal import health rejuvenation products are now available in Hawaii.

As Buddhism expanded from India, Theraveda Monks practiced these healing arts as one element of indigenous medicine.Thai traditional Holistic Massage originated over 2,000 years ago as Indian Ayurdedic and traditional Chinese healing arts blended into a Yoga based healing methodology - Lines, Points, and Remedies.

Thai traditional massage is based on these primary energy lines - (meridians and chakras) Thai people believe illness results from an imbalance in mind, body, & spirit.

Over time this ancient healing method used by Monks became a key part of modern Thai society. Today, westerners from all over the world travel to Thailand seeking the health benefits of traditional herbal Thai compress massage treatments. Various exotic oils, essences, herbal face and body scrubs and herbal botanical ingredients grown and harvested in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Bali & Viet Nam are now imported to Hawaii and available for purchase on-line on

WHAT IS HOLISTIC HEALTH? Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D. is dedicated to mind, body & spiritual health rejuvenation through natural herbal compounds & regenerative nutriments. We believe natural food compounds are natures best remedy for overall renewed health, energy, wellness, holistic massage, & specialty muscle healing compounds. The following links comprise our preferred Thai ethno-botanical healing holistic massage herbs generally unknown in the west .

Health is the greatest gain. Contentment is the greatest wealth. A trustworthy friend is the best of kin. Unconditional freedom is the highest bliss! 

 Siam Natural  brand Adaptogen-III 400mg Veggie caps - body balancing endocrine & immune system adaptogens & immuno-modulators.

 Siam Natural  brand Tongkat Ali  dried tea nuggets - an herbal libido supplement related to ginger, the local Thai name is Kra Chai Dum. Thais traditionally brew the dried root rhizome chunks into an powerful herbal tea for male vitality. A rare super anti-oxidant rhizome, Kaempferia parviflora is a native herbal botanical of northern Thailand that has been traditionally used to enhance male libido energy & sexual function as a folklore remedy for impotency for generations. It is purported to treat impotency (ED) and possesses a super high content of flavonoids (anti-oxidants) widely known for cancer prevention and other benefits.

 Siam Natural  brand Mangosteen pericarp powder & Veggie caps. . . a 100% natural (purple rind) super fruit compound with 40 powerful Xanthones antioxidants

Siam Natural  brand Chi Wu Cha Adaptogen root herb powder compound balances the endocrne system , energizes, and charges 'Chi Energy'

Siam Natural  brand Tanaka an amazing natural Facial & Skin Conditioning herbal compound massage powder & face mask treatment

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