Alex The Alley Cat
Official 2011 HD Trailer Released

Bali Lau Entertainment Media has released the Official HD Trailer on Vimeo and YouTube today, May 10, 2011. Veteran Hollywood writer-director and Executive Producer, Mark Anthony of Hollywood Muse was one of the first to receive a private screening of the 3:21 Official HD Trailer. He immediately commented,
"It's a masterpiece. It really made me laugh at the intrigue and, shall we say, avant garde look about it. It also has girls, touches of mystery, intrigue, horror, it's great!".

The Alex The Alley Cat Official HD Trailer is now available for all to view on Youtube and Vimeo .

The film premiers at the 2011 Cannes Independent Film Festival tomorrow, May 11th and runs thru May 21st for screenings and final judging at the world's esteemed competition. Read more about Alex The Alley Cat in the photo-synopsis.

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