Tropical Daze ~ Night Sounds
an innovative music Videotour™ leisure entertainment series about fantasies, feelings, and fun
promoting music, arts, culture, health, fashion, & hospitality venues in

a Taste Of Thailand

High-definition & DV music video tours to exotic and tropical destinations

a music video leisure entertainment magazine series for PC, home theater, and mobile device content downloads

meet Coconut join us in an exotic adventure cruise to a land beyond . . . Amazing Thailand our cyberspace flash animated mascot co-host

 meet    Nutsha

A Place Somewhere In Time, a mobile phone music videotour mp4 download

starring celebrity hosts like Thailand's, Nutsha - singer actress model - film & TV personality


Nutsha also performs in exciting music videos from her upcoming CD  

join in a fun sun music video tour excursion to an amazing land beyond in

a Taste of Thailand

tropical island music video tours  
cruise the mystical lagoons of Koh Chang - Elephant Island in south Thailand - a DV music videotour

Koh Chang adventure tours                                                                                                                Bangkok Baiyoke Tower-  walk to one of the ultimate shopping areas in Thailand

 real estate -  vacation homes, beach houses , condo homes are all more alluring on DV presentations    

Bali Lau Entertainment Group are content developers and media producers based in Kona, Hawaii USA with offices in Hua Hin, Thailand.
Over the past several years we have designed & developed a unique brand of leisure entertainment music video content destined for internet and mobile device downloads.
Tropical Daze - Night Sounds, is a music videotour™ cinema documentary featuring Thailand's alluring locations, exotic cultural expression, and world contemporary music artists in a Taste Of Thailand.

introducing Thailand's legendary world folk fusion artist  Tewan Sapsanyakorn 'Live' with his east west world music extraviganza  is renowned for his unique Thai classical jazz fusion style Tewan

Thailand offers stunning visuals and unique world contemporary music artists. Bali Lau Entertainment Group showcases featured performances by artists such as world fusion folk artist Tewan Sapsanyakorn, along with numerous other top groups and artists in the Taste of Thailand DV music Videotour™ series. Music video style leisure entertainment related media-marketing offers business and industry unsurpassed extended global brand exposure through DV Home Theater PC Internet and Mobile download content.

Our core theme is music-video leisure entertainment encompassing arts, lifestyles, exotic travel tour destination themes and new contemporary music artists/groups. Our web site, has achieved extraordinary global visibility and esteemed recognition as a valued source of information, links, products, and services related to our exotic and tropical destinations leisure entertainment theme.

Phuket, Thailand                                                      Pattaya, Thailand frequently appears in top search engine key-word results spanning a broad cross section of global leisure entertainment related topics. Hundreds of leisure entertainment key-word searches on the internet present advertiser-sponsors a strategic advantage to generate new business and extended exposure through a unique DV music video series.

Premium Content
Our innovative music Videotour™ DV cinematic travel tour entertainment content design entails music video theme vignettes of events, attractions, locales, and nightlife entertainment in a video magazine format hosted by prominent English speaking Thai film, TV, and music celebrities, special International segment guest hosts, and our own flash animated mascot character, Coconut.

• Our creative media content & production services benefit companies keen to reach and capture a global audience of broadband internet and mobile device consumers.

• Business to Consumer (B2C) media promotions can potentially reach an estimated 150 million broadband households and two billion mobile devices spanning a broad demographic of vacationers, hospitality, travel, music, and leisure enthusiasts through our unique leisure entertainment cinematic style of promo music video tour magazine clips.

• Bali Lau Entertainment Group offers high quality HDV productions of promotional media marketing content effectively exposing a global leisure entertainment internet and mobile device audience to your products, services, and/or company profile through our innovative music video promos.

Trang, Thailand

Market research and demographic surveys reveal that today's tech savvy PC and Mobile users increasingly want to view cinematic visuals and hear film style sound similar to film and television productions. Recent advances in Broadband and Mobile technologies enable us to produce custom hi-definition DV music video content and and distribute high quality new media music artists and video leisure entertainment to millions worldwide.

Leisure Entertainment is an extremely diverse and effective marketing medium with far reaching and long term benefits that elevate audience awareness to the positive attributes of the entertainment content, products, services, and destinations they experience, effectively promoting new company brands and profiles that may otherwise be overshadowed by the vast number of competitive internet web sites.

Entertainment, music, and videos are the single most sought after search items on the world wide web, followed by travel and tourism related searches, drawing thirty-two million people a month to top rated video and leisure entertainment web sites from the search engines, according to Nielsen Net Ratings surveys, and over ten million people a month to travel related web sites, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. Currently 150 million DSL broadband computer households worldwide will download and/or view DV video clips on a standard multimedia PC. The Mobile Telephone Communications Market is exploding with 810 million handsets sold worldwide in 2005, and increasing by over a million new subscribers per month eager to view and/or download music video and rich media content via their mobile handset.

                   Bangkok International Jazz Festival

     Tropical Daze-Night Sounds DVD - filmed at the Bangkok Intl Jazz Festival  

                                           Bangkok Connection             Koh Samui, Thailand

Bali Lau Entertainment Group offers leisure entertainment business and industry promotions and/or content inclusion that benefit advertiser-sponsors by reaching an ever increasing global audience surpassing any previously known form of media communications technology.

Tropical Daze - Night Sounds is a music video tour cinema documentary video magazine series of 2-4 minute clips about fantasies, feelings, and fun leisure entertainment content, designed for easy of access downloading for Home Theater Entertainment PC Intenet and Mobile device content. Clips include new original contemporary music artists, various cultural events, and leisure travel tour destinations. The series further has licensing potential as In-Flight Entertainment, satellite, and HDV Home Theater television distribution worldwide.

The video magazine entertainment content is organized into individual cinematic music-video vignettes exploring tropical and exotic travel tour destinations, yet the program's core theme entails a musical audio visual imagery style of cinema documentary with segments depicting a diversity of local artisans and craftsmen, ethnic and pop culture music forms, and an array of events, attractions, locations, and lifestyles.

The exotic travel tour theme also serves as a catalyst to spawn fascination and enticement to the serenity, natural beauty, art & crafts,Temples, and vibrant culture in the Thailand destinations depicted. This is how key travel promoters, leisure resorts, spas, hotels, golf clubs, and nature retreats fit into the marketing oeuvre.

It is through innovative musical vision and unique film editorial technique that the program captures and blends the ambiance and imagery of Thailand's cultural diversity stated through music, sights, and sounds in high definition and DV video in DVD quality stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

The production design includes music video tour fashion film clips depicting fun & sun tropical island, resorts, golf, hotels, spas, and nature destinations segued with vignettes spotlighting Thai pop culture and ethnic sights & sounds. The contrast between these elements is both entertaining, informative, and educational. The production design permits voice-over dubbing/titling in multiple languages.


Through professionally produced rich media style commercial musc video content capable of capturing and maintaining viewer attention, we effectively promote products and services direct from the web site and Paradisemoon's Mobile Content downloads.

Additionally, we can link directly from to advertiser sponsors existing web sites, further extending sponsors products and services profiles to a global internet audience with a more detailed approach when migrating viewers from Mobile Internet Content to sponsor linked websites.

With decades of hands-on experience and expertise in the Hollywood film, television, music entertainment media-marketing arena, Bali Lau Entertainment Group offers specialized professional digital media production services using the latest technical and creative techniques at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast media advertising. Services include, concept design, scripting, HDV/film production services, original music, visual efx, titling, animation, and multi-language voice-over dubbing/titling. The Tropical Daze - Night Sounds Taste Of Thailand music video tour cinema documentary magazine series targets a global leisure entertainment audience.

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Be seen worldwide on internet TV and mobile phones/devices 24/7 in classy television style narrated music and video tour presentations hosted by Thai and International celebrity presenters.

Our unique Music Videotour leisure entertainment platform is the most cost effective method to reach local, regional, and international leisure entertainment consumers. Memberships in the program are available to Thailand hospitality & tourism related companies. For more information and details about how we can effectively promote your company, products, or services through our leisure entertainment platform, contact us

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Tropical Daze Night - Sounds

a Taste Of Thailand

a leisure entertainment music Videotour series for Home Theater PC Internet and Mobile Download Content

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