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HDV Videotour Content Overview

Bali Lau Entertainment Group of Hawaii are experts in television, film, music production, commercial content creation, editing, post production, and experienced IT professionals who provide turn-key solutions for commercial media content production and distribution;

• Internet music and video content downloads

• Multimedia MMS and video capable mobile phones/devices

• Satellite Television Broadcast licensing

• HD Home Theater VOD licensing

• In-flight Entertainment licensing

• H-DVD licensing, distribution

Since 1997, Bali Lau Entertainment Group has been developing a unique music video multimedia marketing
solution for the leisure entertainment, hospitality, and tourism markets, creating a comprehensive end to end
platform for disseminating high quality video, audio, and rich media promotional content.

Opportunities for advertiser sponsors to gain extended global exposure to millions of consumers through the Paradisemoon brand of leisure entertainment HD video and rich media mobile wireless leisure entertainment channel creating a more meaningful experience for viewers. The Paradisemnoon branded internet, HD Video Home Theater, and mobile content channel provides dynamic, high-speed access to information and leisure entertainment content promoting advertiser sponsor brands. Rich media assets embedded in the Paradisemoon music Videotour leisure entertainment platform combined with mobile commerce capabilities are the foundation for a new generation media marketing and wireless mobile content promotional services.

As media content producers, our role is to bring global exposure and new business to our advertiser sponsors through imaginative multimedia entertainment content utilizing the latest technologies and creative branding techniques.

Our objective is to create and distribute alluring cinematic style documentary music video tour magazine leisure entertainment vignettes capable of captivating viewer attention and migrating consumers to sponsor web sites for purchase of goods and services.

With the proliferation of broadband internet and wireless mobile IT technologies, Bali Lau Entertainment Group vision incorporates an entirely new dimension to traditional television and media advertising through cinematic high definition HD video media, wireless mobile multimedia (MMS), (SMS), and music-videos for mobile handsets/devices.

The latest advances in technology allow consumers viewing segment clips on mobile devices to interact with advertiser sponsor brands instantly upon completion of viewing a mobile video on the Paradisemoon Channel via iconic prompts by a multi-lingual mascot animated character when responding on their mobile handset.


Various interactions including real-time reservation booking to requesting additional information and selecting promotional specials or coupon offers are possible. Through this interactive forum, we simultaneously aggregate real-time consumer profiles, location, demographic data, and other 'feedback' for advertiser sponsors by collecting predefined user information from viewer respondents.

Advertiser sponsor brands included in our promotions are greatly enhanced by the look, sound, and feel of our "film trailer" style music-video vignettes. This level of creative commercial content leaves a lasting impression with consumers through highly crafted logo theme music combined with cinematic visuals, and animation previously only afforded to major advertising agency clients and syndicated television or satellite media production and distribution chains.

Bali Lau Entertainment Group produces high quality original high definition [HD] video content for global internet distribution and packages mobile video content for distribution to global network telecom operators to directly access the Paradisemoon brand Mobile channel of leisure entertainment programming of music videotour clips - formatted in an array of compatible mobile device formats.

Promotional content embedded in the Tropical Daze Night Sounds - a Taste of Thailand Volume One Videotour magazine series marketing platform provides unsurpassed extended exposure for our advertiser sponsor brands with a clear expansion path for interactive consumer feedback and mobile commerce capabilities.

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