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Big Island Hawaii is a lovely tropical destination for a quick holiday getaway rejuvenation vacation

Kona Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort Hotel & Spa

Four Stars      Reservations

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she's in the spa Kona is world famous for sport fishing - dive, snorkel, fishing and fun all in Kailua-Kona while you're gone fish'n!

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows

Four Star luxury Mauni Lani Waikoloa


Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows
68-1400 Mauna Lani Drive Waikoloa,
Big Island HI, United States 96743

Kailua-Kona & Kohala coast tropical resorts on the Big Island, Hawaii On-line discount reservations

Discover rustic mountain paradise health retreats in Hawaii

Dr Rupar's Mana Kea Gardens nature retreat grounds surounding the Lava house rejuvenation center

On tour of the Big Island, visitor Debby Hollomon strolls through a 15 acre Mana Ke'a rainforest sanctuary wellness retreat with Dr Randyl Rupar

  at Mana Ke'a Gardens visitors stay at the "Lava House" for cleansing treatments in a garden sanctuary setting 1,700 ft above the Sacred Hawaiian 'City of Refuge' in south Kona, Hawaii      Big Isle visitor Debby Hollomon strolls through a 15 acre Mana Ke'a Gardens wellness retreat      Dr Randyl Rupar outlines the 3 day detox program available at the Mana Ke'a Gardens Health Retreat Watch the overview w Dr Randyl Rupar

Hawaii wellness retreat & three day herbal cleansing treatment program

The ultimate tropical boutique nature wellness & detox retreat to experience on the Big Iisland of Hawaii
Mana Ke'a Gardens

Hawaii Natural Purification Detox includes nutrient dense organic foods & healing herbs to cleanse & rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit back into balance. Order nature healing, anti-aging & organic rejuvenation compounds from Hawaii. Dr. Rupar, Hawaii herbalist gives a guided tour of the Mana Kea' Gardens nature retreat.

Invigorating organic Mangosteen pericarp (rind) powder supplement now available
Our herbs are not processed "'xtracts', rather pure native wellness botanical compounds containing forty life rejuvenating antioxidants & Xanthones

organic herbs, oils & teas
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anti-aging health products

100% super natural herbal botanical health products Paradisemon features SIAM NATURAL tm herbal health & Beauty/Skin Care products from Thailand   Siam Natural™ Compounds native to Thailand's rainforest
Ancient Hawaiian Lomilomi - Hawaii's Traditional Natural Herbal Massage Healing Health Rejuvenation modality
The Traditional Healing Systems - Lomilomi of the Big Island of Hawaii as passed down in the family lineage of Auntie Margaret Machado

"Auntie" Margaret Kalehuamakanoelu’ulu’uanapali Machado has an international reputation for her work with Hawaiian Lomilomi.
How Auntie Margaret came to have such a healing touch is an interesting story.
Read more about Hawaiian Herbal Healing, La'au Lapa'au and Lomi Lomi  here

A ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia (no task to big when done by all)
unlike western cultures - ancient Hawaiian's, as many native peoples around the world "work together" for the common good of the people.

new world music & pacific Asian art galleries - fine crafts & rare antiques


                                                            The Official Hawaii State flower
yellow hibiscus (hibiscus brackenridgei)

known as the pua aloalo in Hawaiian

read about all natural ancient pacific island face & skin care herbal healing & massage oil treatments

     brought to the Pacific and Hawaiian islands by the Polynesians, the Callophyllum inophylum  "Kamani" tree was considered an auspicious 'cure all' for natural skin care & sun protection from the raw seed oils 
Hawaiian Kamani Oil
Callophyllum inophylum

Polynesian Kamani (named Krahting, Daog, & Tamanu in parts of Pacific Asia) is an amazing traditional natural skin healing and rejuvenating herbal oil with anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial & antioxidant properties. Hawaiian Kamani Oil is a powerful, versatile topical aid suitable for use in a broad range of skin conditions. It can be applied undiluted directly to skin or in combination with other herbal oils. It's an excellent natural herbal treatment for healing acne. Pacific islanders introduced the Kamani tree into the islands where they weren't native. The tree is sacred in some traditions and has been planted alongside temples and around altars from ancient times and mentioned ithroughout old Hawaiian chants. An extremely versatile medicinal oil extracted from the nuts is used externally for a myriad of skin diseases and injuries.


Kwao Kreu is found in the  jungles of northThailand and Burma

There are several herbal products that have gained notoriety on the Big Island for health rejuvenation such as Noni and Spirulina and Kava kava.

Mike & Roxy - not in it for the money . . . 
Meet Mike Adams, aka: The Health Ranger

You'll never get healthy by doing what everyone else is doing. They're all diseased! Look around . . . Our nation's health, both mental and physical, is crumbling.
We're the most diseased population in the history of the world. And if you want to be diseased for the rest or your life, just keep doing what everyone else is doing:
eating junk foods, taking prescription drugs, undergoing chemotherapy and actually believing the FDA, the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association and other "disease organizations."

In doing my work, I get a lot of companies riled up. I'm sure there's no love for my work at Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft Foods, McDonald's Restaurants and various government agencies like the FDA and the USDA. That's because I expose the corruption, deceit and lies practiced by Big Business and Big Government alike. I tell the truth, I explain how these companies use deceptive marketing tactics to exploit consumers, and I give people alternative solutions for health and nutrition that ultimately compete with the profits of these industry giants.

What works naturally:

Vitamin D
Omega-3 oils
Natural sunlight
Medicinal herbs
Chinese medicine

"Western medicine has failed our people. Today, even while prescription drugs are more frequently consumed than ever before in the
history of civilization, our nation has skyrocketing rates of obesity and chronic disease. Western medicine simply does not work.
It is an outmoded system of medicine dominated by the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies, power-hungry officials at the
FDA, and old-school doctors whose myopic view of health prevents them from exploring the true causes of healing. Modern medical
schools don't even teach healing or nutrition. No practitioner of western medicine has ever taught me a single thing about being healthy."

Mike Adams, aka: The Health Ranger

The Paradisemoon Boutique stocks numerous organic Pacific Asia herbs & botanical health & skin care products in Kealakekua, Hawaii

  Pacific Asia organics imported from Thailand

Siam Natural 100% pure Mangosteen pericarp (rind compound ) super natural V-caps 100 ea per bottle from Thailand!

100 ea per bottle $29.95 + $6.00 shipping - a super natural anti-oxidant anti-aging health elixir 40 Xanthones!

Mangosteen super anti-oxident pericarp V-caps 100 ea per bottle

• Recent research suggests Mangosteen rind powder substantially reduces cholesterol, and prevents heart disease.

Mangosteen pericarp is currently being tested further as an effective treatment for Alsheimers Disease, senility, & dementia.

Discover the secrets of the islands for health, beauty, longivity . . .  Siam Natural  tropical herbal botanicals for anti-aging & natural health & fitness rejuvenation.

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"Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono"

the Hawaii motto translated is: "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

m seeking tropical magic? eGO HAWAII trAnn Cecil Photography - "Images of Hawaii" Extraordinaireopical is







north Kohala coast

The Mauna Kea Resort was the vision and dream of respected hotelier Laurance S. Rockefeller more than 30 years ago. In what proved to be one of the most visionary decisions in the history of modern tourism, he chose a patch of black lava in an inaccessible area with two beautiful beaches to create a work of art that gave the Big Island of Hawaii a resort destination of legendary proportions.



The Kailua-Kona coast is a fun sun tourism paradise with golf resort spas, restaurants, and and sport fishing

Big Island of Hawaii unique w/ 11 simultaneously climates year round  The Hilo side offers a tropical rainforest and Volcano National Park


                              from Kona to Volcano - to  Hilo Bay - Hawaii's Big Island has 11 different climates year round! Hilo Bay sunrise from Coconut Island

Island of Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest and largest of the Hawaiian islands. Home of active volcanoes, snow-capped peaks, beautiful black, white, and green sand beaches and world famous coffee, the Big Island is full of diversity. The island's windward side is covered in lush vegetation while the sunny Kohala Coast features ancient lava flows and sun-drenched beaches. And it actually gets chilly in Volcanoes National Park, a must-see adventure into the wonders of nature.

From the inner circles of distant islands encompassing several continents, Shadawmon, renowned for bluesy guitar & seasoned raspy vocals is the elusive drifter balladeer embraced as an emerging bounty

   island lamnets Shadawmon only available in MP3 downloads on world rock
                          an island world music tour`de force
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