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Burmese Tanaka

Limonia acidissima

a 100% natural finely ground moisturizing wood bark powder make-up base known in Myannmar as a effective traditional facial conditioning treatment for soft skin, anti-aging & blemishes



Thanaka yellow base natural make-up powder Spa facial  mask treatment

An truly amazing facial base powder made from 100% natural Asian tree wood & bark powder from the Limonia acidissima tree in north Burma

Limonia acidissima is the only species within the monotypic genus Limonia, native to Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Java.
Common names include wood-apple, elephant-apple, monkey fruit, and curd fruit and a variety of names in the languages of its native area.

Since ancient times Burmese women have used the wood and bark extensively as a natural cosmetic, sunscreen, skin preservation treatment, and insect repellent. Applying Thanakha to the face and skin makes it smooth, clear, and cool. It constricts the pores and controls oiliness due to its natural moisterizing & anti-oxidant properties.

Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It's a distinctive feature of Myanmar (formerly Burma) seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls and to a lesser extent men and boys. The use of Thanaka has also spread to neighboring countries including Thailand.

The wood of several trees may be used to produce Thanaka cream; these trees grow abundantly in centralto north Myanmar. Thanaka trees are perennials, and a tree must be at least 35 years old before it is considered mature enough to yield good-quality cuttings. Thanaka in its natural state is sold as small logs individually or in bundles, but nowadays also available as a pasteandr in powder form.

Thanaka cream is made by grinding the bark, wood, or roots of a Thanaka tree with a small amount water on a circular stone slab called kyauk pyin which has a channel round the rim for the water to drain into.
Thanaka cream has been used by Burmese women for over 2000 years. It has a fragrant scent somewhat similar to sandalwood. The creamy paste is applied to the face in attractive designs, the most common form being a circular patch on each cheek, sometimes made stripey with the fingers known as thanaka bè gya, or patterned in the shape of a leaf, often also highlighting the bridge of the nose with it at the same time.

It may be applied from head to toe (Thanaka chi zoun gaung zoun). Apart from cosmetic beauty, Thanaka also gives a cooling sensation and provides protection from sunburn. It is believed to help remove acne and promotes softer, smoother skin. It is also an anti-fungal.

For all practical purposes, Thanaka powder is the all-in-one makeup and the only thing that most Myanmar people need.

• Thanaka works as a sunblock, preventing the skin from getting burned wherever it is applied. .
•  Serves as perfume as it has a slight flowery aroma to it something akin to a fragrant light sandlewood
•  Effective as a whitener to remove dark spots from fair skin)
•  Cools the face & body when applied making the heat of most days a little more tolerable.
•  Renders your skin soft, smooth, & pretty!

Thanaka is 100% organic and natural. Its a yellowish-white cosmetic creamy paste containing the 2 active ingredients of coumarin and marmesin.

Coumarin is a phytochemical, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant agent. It removes all kinds of bacteria and fungi from human skin while actively producing the two major proteins of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin reverse premature ageing and keeps skin supple, elastic and young looking

The marmesin content naturally protects the skin from harmful UV-A rays. UV-A degrades both skin proteins and moisture which causes wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing. Marmesin also shields the skin from harmful UV-B rays. UV-B increases the production of melanin in our skin resulting in skin discoloration, freckles and even skin cancer.

Benefits of Thanaka

Thanaka is a moisturizing treatment that soothes and cools the skin while it evens out skin tones. It is an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal that helps clear your skin of acne/pimples, freckles, whiteheads/blackheads, face and skin rashes as well as soothes sunburn and relieves itchyness. Thanaka is also a non-greasy anti-oxidant that replenishes essential nutrients for the skin which slows down the ageing process by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Tanaka is a native herb from Myanmar helps to eliminate dark spots on the skin effectively and mitigating the darkly rough marks, particularly at the armpits, thighs, ankles and elbows.

To make the organic Tanakha paste cosmetic, the wood and bark is finely ground and mixed with water. The liquid paste produced has an aromatic fragrance and is the favorite natural skin beautifier in Myanmar for ladies from all walks of life.

Burmese Tanaka also spelled Thanaka is a wood bark traditional make up base, & conditioning natural sun screen facial powder

• Increases the production of collagen and elastin to prevent wrinkles and skin aging
• Moisturizes and hydrates aging skin
• Controls Excessive Facial Oil, Removes Serious Acne, Pimples, Blackheads and whiteheads
• Can be used as a 100% natural make-up base or liquid foundation

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Tanaka Facial Base Make-up powder four (4) ounce aluminum foil sealed package . (mix organic Thanaka powder with a small amount of water and apply to the face and skin)

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Thanaka powder (Limonia Acidisima)

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