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GREEN LIVING new Siam Natural 250mg Veggie-caps organically grown Pueraria mirifica . . . herbal products for health & longevity

Kwao Krua Kao Siam Natural has the highest grade authentic Pueraria mirfica in Thailand - now we have it organically cultivated as well as wild crafted, and superior grades of PM extracts (Naturoestrol I & II)
Don't be fooled by the numerous internet sales pitches selling so called "authentic" Thai Kwao Krua Kwao Pueraria mirifica products. It's all about the potency of the Pueraria mirifica root tuber. What you see and read on eBay, Amazon & from foreign based entrepreneurs web sites with a slew of Pueraria mirifica products and brands at low prices are not going to produce the results you're seeking. Before you purchase the incorrect species or a weak strain or low grade "pure" edible extract, read the facts - especially if you're seeking breast enlargement.

If you primarily just want to save money, you can buy the low grade unlicensed, untested 'black market' Pueraria mirifica on or! Read more

What we sell is pure natural organically cultivated authentic Pueraria mirifica, licensed and tested by the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand FDA and registered with US FDA for sale in stores! Fresh/potent

Siam Natural  Kwao Krua Kao is the highest grade authentic Pueraria mirfica in Thailand - now organically cultivated!

Our philosophy is to remain true to the ancient Thai tradition of sun-drying our herbs and then grinding into powders. We believe that chemical processing, while reducing bulk, also inadvertantly removes vital synergistic constituents.There's a resurgence back to natural fruits, herbs & teas that can improve your looks, energy, and vitality.
See the scientific proof why you should buy the ultimate premium grade organically cultivated Thai Kwao Krua (Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba) herbal beauty/skin care products direct from Thailand grower/manufacturers
Fact: Siam Natural Pueraria mirifica organically cultivated in ideal growing conditions produces nearly 4X the active phytochemicals!

Organically cultivated  Pueraria mirifica in 250 mg Veggie caps. Natural green living products are healthier & more potent!

Siam Natural ™ organics image right shows Thailand FDA license

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Siam Natural Organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica 30 ea 250mg V-caps 10.95
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Siam Natural Organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica 60 ea 250 mg V-caps 19.95
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Siam Natural Organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica 100 ea 250 mg V-caps  

$29.95 + $7.00 shipping/handling S-N-KKK-org-100


Pure organically cultivated  Pueraria mirifica root powder in 250mg Veggie-caps is 100% natural herbal compound ideally cultivated in a 'green house' environment with organic fertilizers and timed misting sprayers.

Kwao Krua Kao Organically cultivated 'greenhouse Pueraria mirifica - the best in the world!

The end result from this method is the most potent natural Kwao Krua Kao root powder available anywhere!

Our growers found they could simulate the rainforest conditions and add organic fertilizers and timed water sprayers to produce a new superior grade of Pueraria mirifica, even more potent and 100% natural compared to the solvent based extracts that are now widely marketed by multinational companies worldwide.The method of measuring the phyto-chemical components potency is via the scientific method of HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography.) The image below reflects the latest organic strain of the Pueraria mirifica root chemical components. Not surprisingly, it is significantly more potent than the methyl alcohol solvent extracts
Organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica V-caps contain 357.516 mg of Puerarin per 100 grams compared to 90 mg per 100 grams of pure edible grade extract. The scientific proof of the percentage of active ingredients and efficacy of Siam Natural Pueraria mirifica organically cultivated raw powder is displayed in the HPLC chromatogram image below. It's nearly four times as potent as pure edible grade extract and contains all of the natural phyto-chemicals available in the root tuber like Miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol which are believed to be the key ingredients for optimum results for toning, firming and breast enlargement.

Puerarin 357.615 mg per 100 grams

'Pure Pueraria mirifica extract' means it's 'wild crafted Pueraria mirifica with 90 mg per 100 grams at best (COA below) of Puerarin powder extract compared to the organically cultivated root powder at 357.516 mg per 100 grams of Puerarin (HPLC above).

The measurable active ingredients (phyto- chemicals) are listed in the chromatogram above. The organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica shows the content of Puerarin at 357.516 mg per 100 grams. This is the highest potency available. We stand by the scientific data.
FACT: You can surely buy less expensive Pueraria mirifica on the internet, but the potency may require a very large amount and long time to see/feel actual results. Even pure 'wild crafted' powder extract is only about 90 mg per 100 grams of the extract compounds. Below is a certificate of analysis for pure wild crafted extract powder.


Siam Natural Thailand's oldest & most trusted name for Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica). We stock V-caps with our standard and HG Naturoestrol extract & 50 gram jars of Breast Cream. Siam Natural Kwao Krua is now available in the most potent pure organically cultivated (Kwao Krua Kao) Pueraria mirifica compound available anywhere. New customers should know that the 'wild crafted' Pueraria mirifica seen on the internet may be a weak strain or even the wrong species.

Trust in the scientific documentation we provide. HPLC analysis image fingerprint & Certificate of Authenticity COA pictured above. There are many companies selling a low grade alternative species of Kwao Krua - Be aware of the facts that really do make the difference. Nearly all of the commercial Pueraria mirifica products now available are extracted from the raw root tubers from north Thailand. Siam Natural Products has been selling the pure raw sun-dried powder on the internet since 2003. In 2011 we made our first encapsulations in 400mg V-caps with a combination of 300mg of the premium grade raw root powder with 100 mg of powdered extract which has been widely received by the international community. We now have 100% organically cultivated super high grade Pueraria mirifica root powder available in bulk and in 250mg Veggie-caps. This came about through a lengthy controlled R&D process. Over the past 20 years Thai scientists, botanists, and academics have been doing extensive research and development with the Kwao Krua Kao native herbal botanical. This resulted most recently with the first organically cultivated ‘super natural’ specimens of Pueraria mirifica.

Why is Siam Natural ™ brand Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) considered the top premium grade root bulb tuber?
It's all in how & where it's cultivated. Below is the first truly organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica harvested.

So, the facts are, age, geographic location, climate, water source, and proper fertilization play a key role in determining the potency of the Pueraria mirifica root tuber.
Read the research documentation PDF, Bioscience Major Isoflavonoid Contents of the 1-Year-Cultivated Phytoestrogen-Rich Herb, Pueraria mirifica, funded by the Thai government. Download the PDF. Siam Natural Organics has developed an ideal means of organic cultivation in green houses that produce outstanding results.

New organically cultivated Kwao Krua Kao - no chemicals Pure Pueraria mirifica V-caps organic herbal Pueraria mirifica hormone receptor modulator - The most potent raw organically cultivated Kwao Krua Kao compound available
Discover the numerous beauty and fitness benefits of Thai Kwao Krua Kao Pueraria mirifica including firming & enlarging breasts naturally!

Siam Natural organically cultivated  Pueraria mirifica Veggie-caps 100ea per bottle (250mg. ea)

Super Sale buy (3) bottles 300 V-caps for $59.95 and save $30.00
(3) 100 ea bottles for $59.95 + $10.00 shipping/handling


 Organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica with Sea Collagen hydrolysate Organically cultivated PM 200 mg with Sea collagen 200 mg per V-cap
$29.95 + $6.00 shipping.oganically cultivated Siam Natural  Pueraria mirifica w/ Sea Collagen hydrolysate 100 ea 400mg V-caps. Next day shipments worldwide

Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) is grown and harvested in Kanchaniburi & Chaing Rai, Thailand
Organically cultivated Kwao Krua Kao Pueraria mirifica with Naturoestrol-II HG extract works wonders for breast enlargement, firming, menopause

premium grade Siam Natural raw root powder is available in 400 mg ea. Veggie-Caps with pure Naturoestrol-II HG extract

300 mg of raw premium grade organically cultivated Kwao Krua Kao root powder w 100 mg of Naturoestrol™ pure powder extract


our most popular Veggie-caps with extract . . .
Siam Natural  ™ Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) 300mg pure raw powder 100mg
Naturoestrol HG extract 100ea. V-caps
$44.95 + $6.00 shipping/handling

Siam Natural  ™ Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) 300mg pure raw powder 100mg Naturoestrol ™ HG extract 50ea. V-caps
$29.95 + $6.00 shipping/handling

Our 250 mg & 400 mg Veggie-Caps are designed for breast firming enhancement, relief of menopausal symptoms, prostate protection, anti-aging,
and as a natural hormone receptor booster with overall regenerative health benefits for men & women both!

Women in the rural communities in Thailand where this herb grows have used the tuberous roots of Pueraria Mirifica effectively as "rejuvenating" folk medicine for well over a hundred years. It has become well known and has received much attention from Thai and foreign scientists and mainstream alike not so many years ago. According to Thai traditional medicine, this "rejuvenating" herb is recommended for both aged men and women for its efficacy to grow hair, strengthen and darken existing ones, help improve complexion and remove wrinkles, improve eyesight, increase energy and vigor leading to more reflexive body movements.

Numerous health benefits are attributed to the plants generous content of phytochemicals Puerarin and Deoxymiroestrol believed to exert particularly positive effects being similiar in chemical structure to human estriol, a female estrogen. Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao)is renowned in traditional use for improving skin tones and muscle firmness, reducing stress, maintaining a youthful look as an anti-aging herbal food supplement, improving circulation, as an effective natural herbal remedy for menopausal, prostate problems, and revitalizing human cells by replenishing depleting hormones. Historically. native hilltribe villagers brewed an organic tea using both white and red root tubers for anti-aging and rejuvenation. Sun-dried sliced root tubers are now available here for an invigorating herbal tea.

Buy direct from the farmers in Thailand Siam Natural cultivates/harvests fresh premium grade sun-dried Kwao Krua Kao root tuber slices. This is where all the Pueraria mirifica products begin! Siam Natural Herbal Health Products

Fresh sun dried Pueraria Mirifica (Kwao Kreu Kao) root promotes natural anti-aging, breast & skin skin care firming, conditioning, enhancements & potential cancer prevention with amazing authentic natural rejuvenating capabilities. We now offer the fresh sun dried root bulb slices of both Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) and Kwao Krua Dang (Butea superba) for an excellent rejuvenative natural tea . . . the way it is ingested by the native Hill tribe peoples of north Thailand.

Kwao Krua is a 100% natural botanical fountain of youth herbal folklore remedy for anti-aging & health rejuvenation

Kwao Kreu Kao buy link below Siam Natural sun-dried Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) fresh root bulb slices     

Siam Natural ™ (2) one ounce Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) zip lock packs of fresh sun-dried raw root slices - 100% natural organic tea supplement
$59.90 Save $37.00 Now $22.95 + $7.50 shipping/handling (comes in foil pack)

Siam Natural ™ (4) one ounce Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) fresh sun-dried raw root slices - 100% natural organic tea supplement
$119.80 Save $59.92 Now $59.88 + $7.00 shipping/handling

Siam Natural
 ™ (1) one ounce organic Pueraria mirifica blended with 50% Pure Sea collagen cosmetic powder in zip lock plastic package sealed foil pack
$39.95 Save $10.00 Now $29.95 + $7.50 shipping/handling

Pueraria mirifica, also known as Kwao Krua, Khao Krua Kao, or Kwao Kreu Kao (white root) and Kwao Krua Dang (red root Butea superba) is a native herb abundant in the tropical jungles of the north & west Thailand and eastern Burma. It has been a popular folk remedy for generations used by indigenous hill tribe people and villagers in poultices, decoctions, and as a traditional herbal tea and tonic for the renewed health & longevity derived from it's amazing rejuvenating properties.

Siam Natural  ™ now offers pure raw organic cold pressed super concentrated Pueraria mirifica paste extract(s), NATUROESTROL

Siam Natural ™ pure 100% natural super concentrated Naturoestrol ™ Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) raw paste extract

New (10) gram container MSRP $119.95
Now On Sale + $3.00 shipping

The pure 100% natural super concentratedPueraria mirifica Naturoestrol ™ raw paste extract is a ten gram container. It takes nearly three kilos of the fresh raw herbal root tubers to manufacture one gram of this super potent organic extract paste concentrate. This is the ultimate potency available anywhere in the world for raw pure 100% natural Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) for facial specialties (aestheticians), wrinkle removal, firming. lifting sagging skin, droopy eyes/circles, breast enlargement & enhancement. You can blend it yourself with your favorite cream or oil to fit the task or procure our superb cold pressed 100% organic nutriment rich deep penetrating Jasmine Rice Bran Oil!
"The best method to test your response to the pure organic concentrated NATUROESTROL™ paste is to start with 1:1 ratio of raw paste with your favorite cream, gel, or our Jasmine RBO. Mix in a tiny amount (a match head size portion) blended for use one application at a time and try this for a few days and see how your skin responds. This is an extremely potent blend used by professional aestheticians for facials in Switzerland. Blends can vary from 1:1 to 20:1 of the raw paste in other products for applications such as facial wrinkle lines, sagging skin, breast firming/enhancement, etc.". Store paste refrigerated.

  Sacreed Pink Lotus -  Nelumbo nucerfera Nelumbo nucifera

 Siam Natural introduces ancient Pink Lotus with Kwao Krua Kao Naturoestrol-II + SFE nutraceutical grade Pueraria mirifica liquid extract.
Pink Lotus, known as an ancient natural feminine health elixir combined with the amazing powers of the native Thai Kwao Krua herb with miroestrol, produce a potent safe skin & breast firming mist & breast enlargement nano spray serum containing both cosmetic grade Naturoestrol PM & an infusion of the latest nutraceutical cold processed liquid Naturoestrol™ II in a pink pearl glass designer spray mist dispenser. The HPLC Chromatographic image below shows the content of active ingredients of Siam Natural Naturoestrol-II™ liquid extract.

  In Asian culture the lotus represents elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace. The Pink Lotus Nelumba nucifera flower extract is useful as a medicinal herb for reducing abdominal cramps & excessive menstruation sometimes associated with higher dosages of Pueraria mirifica. Companies such as L'Oreal use the extract in some of their makeup powder and foundation products.

SUPER natural skin firming and breast enlargement spray mist,
Pink Lotus Spray is a superb breast firming & skin & beauty enhancement nano spray serum with both cosmetic grade Naturoestrol PM & an infusion of the latest nutraceutical cold processed liquid Naturoestrol-II + (NX) in a pink pearl glass designer dispenser (50ml net contents) . This is the most potent & effective Siam Natural ™ Pueraria mirifica herbal extract blend available. It contains five 100% natural organic Asian herbal extracts plus Sea Collagen hydrolysate extract.

$99.99 + $8.00 Shipping/handling

The Pueraria mirifica plant's underground root bulb tubers are rich in unique Phytochemicals (natural chemical compounds) like Miroestrol which mimic the effects of the human hormone activity. (modulating female hormone receptors).
realistic breast enlargement results can be expected with 3 months. Extended use of authentic Pueraria mirifica topical applications produce further enhancement.

2mg of pure Pueraria mirifica (extract) per kg of body weight per day is the recommended dosage depending on age & metabolism. Thai villagers traditionally brewed Kwao Krau Kao & Kwao Krua Dang together as an invigorating natural health tea & anti-aging tonic. .

Researchers and academics have applied the wisdom and knowledge of the village peoples to reveal its miraculous attributes while numerous universities have included Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua/Kwao Kreu Kao) studies. According to its biochemical profile and classification, there are 4 varieties of Kwao Krua that are beneficial as herbal food supplements and for cosmetic enhancement purposes. White Kwao Krua (pueraria mirifica), Kwao Kreu Dang (Butea Superba), Black Kwao Krua, and Dull Grey Kwao Krua.

Only Pueraria mirifica contains the potent Miroestrol/Deoxymiroestrol components. Request the Scientific Research on Miroestrol email for the PDF "determining_miroestrol-deoxymiroestrol_content" (the phytochemicals believed to do the life transforming magic)

Siam Natural Organically cultivated premium grade Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) raw root powder compound (oral or apply externally with water as a paste)
$29.95 + $5.00 shipping (1) oz zip-lock in sealed foil pkg

 Siam Natural SAVE $$ on organically cultivated premium grade Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) raw root powder compound (4) four ounce foil pack

$69.95 + $8.00 shipping/handling (actual cost is $22.00 per ounce including shipping world wide)

Siam Natural Tongkat Ali (400mg) pure root extract V-Caps with Kwao Krua Kao Naturoestrol NX extract (100ea) per bottle.
$49.95 + $6.00 shipping/handling - Tongkat Ali is a 100% super natural libido enhancer that really works!

Siam Natural pure 100% natural super concentrated Naturoestrol ™ raw paste extract in a five gram container
$99.95 + $3.00 shipping


Siam Natural Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) super natural liquid
Naturoestrol extract 25% in 75% cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran Germ Oil 100ml plastic btl
$49.95 + $6.00 Shipping/handling


a Super natural Vitamin rich, deep skin penetrating 'cold pressed' Jasmine Rice Bran Oil 100ml with

liquid extract
Siam Natural™ Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) super natural liquid Naturoestrol
extract 75% in 25% cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran Germ Oil 100ml plastic btl
$99.95 + $5.00 Shipping/handling

Siam Natural™ cold pressed Rice bran Oil is available both with NATUROESTROL™ Pueraria mirifica or Butea superba liquid extract

Siam Natural Soap - Pueraria mirifica Facial Treatment Soap Bar with
Naturoestrol pure extract
$9.49 ea includes shipping/handling worldwide


 Try our Siam Natural ™pure herbal Pueraria Naturoestrol ™ holiday superb sampler

Nice Breast Cream 10ml, Uttwiler Spätlauber green apple stem cell Phytocellin Face Cream 5ml, Sea Collagen Pueraria mirifica Face Cream 5ml, Eye-gel 5ml, 75% Naturoestrol in 25% Jasmine Rice Bran Oil 10ml, Envisage Herbal Facial Treatment 5ml, Pure Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol Nutraceutical grade (edible) liquid extract 2ml
Price $49.95 + $10.00 shipping/handling

Siam Natural offers a full line of NaturoestrolNutraceutical cosmetic products Buy Now with PayPal

Read the product reviews on items found  at cheap prices. There's much deception and fraud in the internet stores such as eBay & If it is from Thailand - seek the address of the company on their website.
. . . don't be fooled by the numerous internet sales pitches selling so called "authentic" Kwao Krua Kwao & Kwao krua Dang products. Read the scientific facts in the link below;

Age of plant, soil conditions, water, and strategic location make the difference!

Fact: Expeller pressed, steam heated and chemical solvent derived extracts are NOT going to contain the same natural synergestic interactions of the plant's natural botanical compounds nor do they contain the amount of the active content you're expecting.

The authentic organic root bulb tuber only grows in north and western Thailand in the Burma mountain range and there's only a handful of local Thai's adequately well-informed to identify the correct species that contains the powerful Pueraria phyto-chemicals, flavonoids, and Miroestrol component. The authentic species of the plant does not grow in a commercially controlled environment rather, only in the mountain rainforest underground.

If it is high potency and natural purity you're seeking from Pueraria mirifica . . .

The Siam Natural growers are now offering 100% natural 'cold pressed' Kwao Krua Kao & Kwao Krua Dang in a super concentrated Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba organic paste formulation that is many times more potent than the natural organic powder from the dried root bulb powders. It requires nearly three (3) kg of the raw root compound powder to produce one (1) gram of the cold pressed organic paste concentrate, and no commercial manufacturers offer the pure organic paste concentrate of Pueraria mirifica or Butea superba. These highly concentrated Kwao Krua botanical cold pressed pastes are the first stage in the extraction process, yet still remain the pure organic chemical free natural compound that is later used by many of the other manufacturers in Pueraria mirifica [pictured above] and Butea superba products to make their 'extract' products, such as creams, gels, pills, and capsules that you read about on the internet.

Most of these products are actually quite low in the percentage of organic phyto-chemicals & flavonoids that provide the health and/or beauty enhancement benefits. These highly concentrated natural organic cold pressed pastes can be blended with your favorite face/skin creams, gels or oils to the potency best suited for you. We recommend cold pressed Rice Bran Germ oil.

Siam Natural now offers these organic cold pressed Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) and Kwao Krua Dang (Butea superba) highly concentrated pastes in a five gram container at as well as blended in pure cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran Germ Oil which is produced in north Thailand through a cold pressing process of the freshly cut rice [hull] bran.

Why cold pressed Jasmine rice bran germ oil?

There are numerous reasons, but the short answer is it is a super vitamin rich nutirment and the non-greasy organic oil is deep skin penetrating. It contains the ideal balance of natural fatty acids, Omega 6, Omega 3 [4:1 ratio], and is highly concentrated with natural gamma oryzanol, and tocophrol/tocotrienol TRF [25%/75% ratio]. No other carrier oils offer these benefits.

The look of cold pressed rice bran germ oil is a dark rich green color as opposed to the cosmetic or food grades you find that are amber color because it has never been heated or treated.

Siam Natural offers cold pressed rice bran germ oil both in liquid 100ml plastic bottles and in 500mg soft gel capsules. Untreated and in its most natural form. Read more about Siam Natural Rice Bran Germ oil on this page here

Thailand's native organic longevity & anti-aging root bulb herbs known as white root, Kwao Krua Kao (pueraria mirifica) and red root, Kwao Krua Dang (butea superba) are herbal health supplements and holistic spa-massage treatments from Thailand in organic powdered, paste, and blended in in cold presed vitamin rich rice bran germ oil form. Our herbal compound powders are available on the Siam Natural web site.

Siam Natural tm Moringa Oleifera enhances the hormonal benefits and physical effects of Kwao Krua with it's abundance of natural calcium. Read more

Thai holistic herbal spa massage treatment supplements promote health & longevity

The Kwao Krua botanical has generally been known to the western world as an active ingredient in female beauty enhancement products and for improved male stamina. The native hilltribe people used this root bulb herb for generations as a health rejuvenating tonic by chewing the root or brewing tea. The compounds that make Pueraria mirifica different from any other phyto-estrogen containing plants are Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol, which posess highest estrogenic activity among the known phyto-estrogens due to it's chemical structural similarity to estradiol.

Pueraria Mirifica also contains components that belong to isoflavones and Coumestan groups of phyto-estrogens, ie., Genistein, Daidzein, Daidzin, Genistin, and Coumestrol that are found in soybeans However, the estrogenic activity of Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol is much more potent than that of soy isoflavones.

On March 22nd, 2007 Dr. James Howenstine, MD stated in an article titled News With Views, "When Miroestrol enters an estrogen receptor it modulates the effect on the receptor. Pueraria Mirifica “supplements” when the estrogenic activity is low and “dilutes” if the receptor estrogenic activity is high. Miroestrol has no effect on estrogen levels in the body as it only influences the estrogen receptor"

Studies carried out by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University found Pueraria mirifica therapy was also able to enhance female breast size and firmness. Further tests carried out in England cite Kwao Kreu Kao's beneficial effects on the skin, and hair, as well as the female breast enhancement.

Kwao Kreu Kao (pueraria mirifica)               Kwao Kreu Kao (pueraria mirifica sun dried root)

Kwao Krua's herbal supplement benefits include:
- Content High Natural Phytoestrogen, concentrated lsoflavone Supplement
- Reduces Menopausal/Post Menopausal symptoms
- Supports Healthy Cardio Vascular system
- Supports Healthy Prostate Function
- Darkens white hair, and increase hair growth
- Enhances Skin Appearance and Breast Firming
- Increases Blood circulation, reduce Cholesterol
- Accumulates Calcium and support healthy bone structure
- Freshens Memory and Eyesight
- Serves as the "fountain of youth" health rejuvenation supplement for aging men and women

Claire Williamson, of the British Nutrition Foundation, said research had suggested phytoestrogens may be beneficial in post-menopausal women in terms of reducing menopausal symptoms, and may also have beneficial effects on risk factors for heart disease and osteoporosis. A role in breast cancer has also been suggested, but she said research had suggested that isoflavone supplements may need to be life-long in order to have beneficial effects on postmenopausal symptoms.

Osteoporosis is overwhelmingly prevalent in postmenopausal women. The loss of estrogen following menopause causes a phase of rapid bone loss. However, it also occurs in men, especially elderly men, where testosterone levels are decreasing. In addition to hormonal changes, the increased risk of falling associated with aging leads to fractures of the wrist, spine and hip. The risk of falling, in turn, is increased by impaired eyesight despite adequate correction, dementia, loss of balance and sarcopenia, which is the age-related loss of skeletal muscle. Osteoporosis can actually be thought of as analogous to sarcopenia. The combination of sarcopenia and osteoporosis results in the significant frailty often seen in the elderly population. Mayo Clinic (c) 2006

Kwao Kreu Dang click to Butea superba page

 Pueraria mirifica white fresh root tea  |  Butea Superba red root tea Siam Natural sun-dried Kwao Krua Dang (Butea superba) fresh root bulb slices


Thailand's Kwao Krua health rejuvenation herbal products are for men and women both

Although there are phyto-chemical similarities shared by Butea Superba (red root Kwao Kreu Dang) and Pueraria mirifica (white root Kwao Kreu Kao) the two plants have distinctly different attributes and ensuing effects on men and women. Brewing the fresh ground root(s) in tea acts both as male and female libido enhancers.

Kuhn Samron, ethnobotinist and certified herbalist by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health  Khun Samron, Certified Thai Herbalist cultivates & harvests organic Kwao Krua (Pueraria mirifica root tubers) and several other Asian botanicals on his 800 rai (300 acre) herbal farm near the Burma Border. He recommends use of fresh Kwao Krua herbs "in modest amounts" in their natural form (both white root & red root) brewed into a tea twice a day as a health supplement treatment. Men benefit more from the red root, Kwao Krua Dang (Butea superba)and women benefit from the white root, Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica) and red root as well. (both female and male hormone boosting/replenishing) This is assuming that one wishes to gain the full benefits of health/longivity rejuvenation and the additional libido/stamina and cosmetic 'enhancements' produced by these natural root bulb tuber herbs. more

Read what our Customers are saying about our sun dried Kwao Krua products. . .

"I learned all about the Kwao Krua herb on the internet and I was immediately "sold" on its amazing properties. I then scoured the web looking everywhere for the purest, most potent, and organic form of it. I came upon Paradisemoon and was blown away by the vast assortment of exotic herbs, most of which I never knew existed. We ordered the Kwao Kreu Kao for my wife and loved the results we got on her face, skin, and breasts. So then we ordered again and got the Kwao Kreu Kao and an order of the Kwao Krua Dang for me. We are very impressed with the herbs' potency and natural approach your company takes to the business". Tom & Jocelyn Towle, Miami, FL
"Hi again, I am in love with your products! They are very potent. I can feel the difference in a short time. I wanted to know if you sell your Pueraria Mirifica, Ricebran oil and Regenerative product wholesale? I would love to start selling the brand!" Angel S. Portugal  Monday, November 7, 2011
"Greetings and many thanks, I have received this order and I am looking forward to receiving the next! Your products are very beautiful and delightfully scented'
Kathi, USA February 9th 2012
Yes, My order arrived! Thank you so much for your attention, quick responses, and follow up. I truly appreciate it! Mary, USA Feb. 2012
Thank you so much for everything! Great customer service. I really appreciate it. Ratha, March 2012
Thank you so much. Its great to have people we can trust! Vicky March 2012
Thank you for this excellent support and I’m also so grateful for the gift you sent.Danielle, September 2012
I will order today 2 more of your product. It really works out good and I want to make sure that I can continue taking it. So if I order 2, will you send 3? Brigitte (in Gernany) December 2012
I have been taking 1/2 a capsule of Kwao Krua Kao for about 5 weeks and symptoms of perimenopause such as daily nausea and adult acne have reduced considerably, I also have the added benefit of a 1cm growth in my breasts. I will start taking 1 capsule a day now that my body has got used to taking it and look further to even more hormonal benefits. I am going to order another two bottles of the capsules because I don't ever want to be without it - great service, prompt delivery. thank you. Ann New Zealand December 2012
Thank you so much for your quick response! So appreciated. Again, I love your (new organically cultivated) product!,
Marion USA June 2013
I wanted to say thank you for the high quality products. I am soooo happy I found you! I waited to purchase, but I am glad I did because your products are perfect! I have only been taking them for a short time but they are already working! It's like a miracle!
Michele - Arkansas, USA Sept 2013
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An ethno-botanical herbal compound used in Thailand for generations

Krachai Dum (Kaempferia parviflora) or black ginger is sourced directly from the certified Thai herbalist who grows, harvests, drys, processes & packages this native root bulb herb. From his organic herb farm near the Burma border, Khun Samron, founder of Siam Natural and A certified Chinese-Thai herbalist cultivates a number of ethno-botanicals known for health rejuvenating benefits including red root Kwao Krua, Noni, Menispermacea (stephania rotunda), and others that may only have their native Thai name. There are possibly more than 17,000 species of botanicals in Thailand's rainforest - many of which are not yet documented in the west.

Khun Samron's vast knowledge of eastern ethnobotanicals and herbal ethno-folk remedies inspired his specialty Oriental Health Rejuvenation for men with Krachai Dum offering numerous invigorating health benefits and includes an abundant amount of anti-oxidant flavanoids in the dried organic root herb. 'Feel Better, improve memory, skin tones, energy levels, and cardiovascular system' are a few of the claimed health benefits.

Krachai Dum (Kaempferia parviflora) sun dried root tuber nuggets (for tea)

(1) ounce zip-lock package $39.95 + $5.00 shipping


Krachai Dum (Kaempferia parviflora) sun dried root tuber nuggets (for tea)
(4) ounce zip-lock package $99.95 + $6.00 shipping

click for full size image - 23 organic herbal  mix brew an incredible life sustaining and health rejuvenating organic Krachai Dum herbal tea for improved health and vitality!

Feel better and more energetic with no side or after effects.


Precautions Women should not ingest pueraria mirifica herbal products when pregnant, nursing or if you have/or been diagnosed with tumors in estrogen sensitive organs such as ovaries, uterus and/or the breast. Clinical research over the past several decades indicate authenticity to the original claims made through ethnobotanic use which are further documented in a publication dated July 2000 from the
Plant Research Institute

Ministry of Public Health Thailand

interested in a healthier, longer life?

Siam Natural brand
Holistic Herbal Health & Spa  Massage Treatment Products

We currently stock selected natural organic herbal supplements such as Mahkhom pom powder & nuggets (from the Asian amla fruit tree containing a high content of natural vitimin C, Mangrut (mangosteen pericarp) powder, Jasmine rice bran oil, and more. Each of these herbal supplements are individually unique and beneficial to anti-aging promoting a healthier life.

Thailand's native 'Mankgrut' (Garcinia mangostana rind) powder detoxifies blood with powerful natural xanthone(s) antioxidents. It has compounds that provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor activity. Laboratory tests indicate that extracts of mangosteen have notable active compounds against several cancer cell lines including breast, liver, and leukemia. Mangosteen (rind) pericarp contains 40 super antioxidants which also indicate anti-tumor activity and contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties. We have the sun dried rind powde (and highly concentrated extract liquid by special order).

Herbal supplements like organic Jasmine Rice Bran Oil from north Thailand and Laos contains a high content of natural oryzanol, phytosterol compounds and antioxidants that may be key in preventing heart attacks by substantially reducing cholesterol. Cold pressed organic Jasmine Rice Bran Oil uniqely provides a concentrated form of vitamin E called Tocotrienol Rich Fraction or "TRF" - According to researchers, the latest studies reveal the best form of TRF comes from organic brown rice bran derived from the outer grain hull of rice.

Read further documentation on Kwao Kreu Kao details here

Siam Naturalherbal holistic health compound supplements offer anti-aging, overall health rejuvenation, and organic face & skin care properties.

80% of the world population depend on plants to treat many common ailments. 30% of modern conventional drugs are derived from a plant source. In 1985 the world Health Organization estimated that perhaps 80% of the world population relies on herbs for primary health care needs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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