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Makrut Lime (Kaffir lime )

Makrut Lime  (kaffir lime citris hystrix)

(Citris hystrix)

Native to Indonesia, the Makrut (kaffir lime) Citrus hystrix is a green maturing to yellow skinned citrus fruit with a high acidic content.
The powdered Makrut (kaffir) leaf is used as a healing massage compound as a fragrant, centering treatment that stimulates many senses.

The Makrut lime leaf (& peel) powder is used in massage as a natural scrub - and a much sought after treatment in Thai herbal poultices and compresses. Makrut helps clarify and provide skin conditioning with it's mild astringent attributes.

The leaves have a strong aromatic fragrance and a floral essential oil is extracted from the fruit and rind for use in aromatherapy and various cosmetic & beauty products (i.e Ralph Lauren) including hair products promoting soft and silky textures.

Makrut (kaffir) lime leaf essentially helps to tone the skin, sooth sore and aching muscles, ease respiration, and reduce tension through the various aromatic and chemical properties contained in the leaf and fruit rind powder.Siam Natural™ Herbal Products

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