Native Hawaiian Mamaki Tea

Pipturus albidus



Mamaki Pipturus albidus (Pine family) is a indigenous Hawaiian tree or shrub with green leaves containing prominent red veins. The premium leaves are hand plucked from the tips of the plant and make a natural healing herbal tea and tonic. The Mamaki Pipturus Albidus botanical also produces edible white berries annually that grow along its branches.


Based on ethno-botanical folklore & Hawaiian traditions, this ancient native Hawaiian plant evolved in the islands prior to the Polynesians arrival to Hawaii. Mamaki Pipturus Albidus only grows in Hawaii and isnít found elsewhere in the world.


Mamaki is best known as a refreshing herbal tea, and is reputed to contain healing properties as a tonic for its numerous health & medicinal benefits. Native Hawaiian Mamaki is a known herbal remedy for general debilities, lowering high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and cleansing toxins from the blood, as well as relieves stress and fatigue. It was and is to this day used for stomach problems, colon problems, liver troubles, bladder problems and irregular bowels. It has also been credited to help maintain balance for diabetes for some people. It is popular with local Hawaiians as a refreshing hot or iced tea.


Mamaki is naturally cholesterol and caffeine free. The tea from Pipturus Albidus botanical is also mentioned in The Hawaii Diet created by Dr. Shintani. People consume the leaves raw or cooked as it is a nutritious green leafy vegetable. The bark was traditionally used to make cloth (Kapa). The fruit of the berry and the tea have mild laxative properties as well as being useful to treat   yeast infections for women and for thrush [candida, candidiasis, monilia] in nursing motherís and infections that occur most often in babies & children).


Mamaki tea and Mamaki berries were used traditionally to relax tense muscles prior to childbirth. The smooth Mamaki flavor is enjoyed as a hot tea or a naturally refreshing iced sun tea with honey.

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