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The Perfect Protein organic deep sea whole fish protein extract Not all protein is created equal!

We bring you the best of the best  Green Marine Protein

Introducing the latest patented biotechnology breakthrough in 'green' sustainable (FPP) fish protein powder processing rendering nutritionally superior Green Marine Protein powder as the ultimate organic whole food supplement that's environmentally friendly, flavorless, odorless, non-hygroscopic, free from bacteria and 98% bioavailable & fast digesting.

Green Marine Protein is clean deep sea whole fish extract powder that's the ideal replacement for dairy and soy based proteins that can contain growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides.



GREEN MARINE PROTEIN    Nutrition for every body!
Green Marine Protein whole fish powder
contains a superior balance of minerals & amino acids as a nutritional supplement for people from all walks of life and especially for fitness minded, pregnant women, the aging, institutional nutrition, hospitals/ institutional settings, bodybuilders to replace GMO based soy products, dairy (whey) products & calcium carbonate/citrate


For fitness minded individuals, smaller more frequent whole food nutrition consumption is the healthiest way to eat whether your goal is toning & firming muscle mass or weight loss. To keep the body balanced people need to consume a complete protein every three hours. This is now much easier to do with super high grade organic whole fish Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg. V-caps. Calcium is most often associated with bone health, and it’s essential in preventing osteoporosis, bone loss, and degenerative bone disease. The primary component of human skeletons is calcium phosphate.

The Calcium in organic whole fish protein powder (110mg/100grams) is 98% bioavailable.

Green Marine Protein powder is superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in fish.

Green Marine Protein treats:

• Osteoporosis

• Reduction in pain associated with spinal problems

• Stiff joints

• Sore ligaments,

• Sleep disorders like insomnia

• Overall stress reduction and mental alertness

• Fast healing of bone and tissue growth in post orthopedic surgery patients & use in clinical physiotherapy


Organic fish protein nutrition for weight loss • fitness • bodybuilding • stress relief • energy • stamina • libido • skin care • disease prevention

• heart & cardiovascular system/blood circulation

• weight loss & weight control management

• healthy endocrine system balancing

• builds new muscle mass

• Firms & tones body

• renews red blood cells for healthy skin, bones, cartilage, joints

• contains an ideal nutritional balance that increases cognitive skills & abilities

Builds new muscle mass & stronger bone, joint & cartilage structure

Plus benefit from fish collagen for increased agility and glowing skin & hair.
Benefits of fish protein powder (FPP)
The increasing awareness that dried fish protein can be applied for food fortification and production of value added/functional foods has encouraged the food industry to examine different methods for developing fish protein ingredient from different raw materials.
Fish protein powder (FPP) is a dried and stable fish product, intended for human consumption, in which the protein is more concentrated than in the original fish flesh & bones.

The oceans contain approximately 80% of the earth’s biomass and the potential for nutritional, therapeutic and functional ingredients are endless. Marine ingredients are used in a range of products intended for animal and human consumption, food processing as well as alternative purposes such as cosmetics. Fishmeal and fish oil were traditionally considered to be one of the most important products derived from fish destined for non-food uses. However, recent innovations and developments on non-food fish and especially on the by-products from food fish production have led to a number of new marine products such as bio-active compounds, marine proteins and food processing aids.

Seafood processing generates vast amounts of by-products such as trimmings, fins, frames, heads, shells, skin and viscera which can be converted and utilised as valuable products. The utilisation of by-products is essential because it eliminates waste by increasing efficiency through value addition.

Fish protein hydrolysates are the breakdown product of fish proteins into smaller peptides of generally between 2-20 amino acids by addition of enzymes such as papain and can be in liquid or powder form.
Bio-active peptides are isolated from fish muscle protein after enzymatic hydrolysis. These fish-derived bioactive peptides exhibit unique structural properties, amino acid composition and sequences that have a number of potential uses under investigation such as antioxidants, antihypertensive, immunomodulatory or as antimicrobial peptides.
The characteristics of the purified peptides imply that they have potential for the prevention and treatment of cancer, and that they might also be useful as molecular models in anticancer drug research.

Fish bone minerals
Fish bone is also a good source of collagen and gelatin but it is also an excellent source of calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus that can be used in food, feed or as a supplement. Calcium phosphates such as hydroxyapatite present in fish bone have been used for rapid bone repair after major trauma or surgery.

The internal organs of fish from processing plants often go to waste but are in fact an excellent source of enzymes. The specific characteristics of fish internal organ enzymes ensure that these fish by-products are a rich source of specialised enzymes. A range of proteolytic fish enzymes are extracted which include pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and collagenases as well as lipase enzymes.

Research has found people with high-protein diets have increased bone density, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

With the evolution of refining and processing technology and expanded research on the nutrition of fish proteins and peptides, a new industry has developed for the specific purpose of producing a marine protein powder for human consumption with the intent of reaching new ingredient uses and markets.
The FPP end product is now used in a variety of food ingredient applications including sports nutrition, food additives and supplements all of which depend on the finished fish protein powder produced such that it is hygienically safe and also meets sensory requirements of taste, odor and function in prepared foods. Cold water fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel are an ideal source of protein that has a great amino acid profile and confers health benefits related to both the protein itself and the Omega-3 fatty acids that you just can’t find in other proteins..


Protein 92%
Fat 0.2
Cholesterol 0.0
Pepsin 98
Moisture 3.1
Ash 3.2

Minerals mg per 100 grams
Collagen 7.9
Calcium 110
Chromium (mcg) 1.5
Copper 4.1
Iron 7.4
Magnesium 130

Gluten free
All Natural Non-GMO No heavy metals
98% rapidly digestable


Get in shape with the best of the best

Green Marine Protein 100% whole fish extract powder with 11 natural minerals 18 amino acids

Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg V-caps

Green Marine Protein powder is manufactured from the finest FDA approved fresh ocean wild fish (for human consumption) as the main raw materials.
The latest APP patented extraction technology utilizes safe biodegradable additives and concentrates to process the fully ground mixture of the entire fish including meat, bones and skin through a series of reactors and filters for the final extraction and separation of the purified marine protein powder and Omega-3 oil - Free from bacteria and 98% digestable. This new innovative APP biotechnology extraction process uses the water from the fish itself along with 100% biodegradable additives and concentrates to produce the Green Marine Protein power without the use of fresh water or heat, hence preserving the highest possible organic protein, mineral and amino acids content while saving energy & natural resources.

Green Marine Protein powder

120 ea 500mg V-caps

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Green Marine Protein superior pure organic fish protein supplement powder for body builders

One lb tub organic whole fish Green Marine Protein Powder or available in 16 one ounce sachets

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Green Marine Protein superior pure organic fish protein supplement

100 gram pouch

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(1) one ounce pouch containing organic whole fish Green Marine Protein Powder

$19.95 ea.
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GREEN MARINE PROTEIN is a high quality, organically derived, wild marine-based protein powder, which is highly stable with a shelf life of over 5 years. It is virtually odorless and tasteless with high levels of naturally occurring organic minerals giving it a nutritional profile superior to other protein powders on the market.

GREEN MARINE PROTEIN is made using the newly patented APP manufacturing process that is both green and sustainable. It is non-hygroscopic and very moisture resistant contributing to its long shelf life.

This report presents an overview of the health benefits of the all natural GREEN MARINE PROTEIN product that is APP processed powder comparing it with BlueWave, another fish protein product on the market and also with several examples from the two most common protein supplement categories available: whey and soy.

(excerpts from AAP product/process comparison by Julie Spero, MBA, NC) "APP Product is an exciting new proprietary process technology for use in therapeutic nutritional therapies. APP is comparable in BV value to the best quality whey protein products on the market and superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in fish".

View comparison charts

About Whey protein powder

Whey used to be considered a dairy industry waste product. Whey is what remains after the butter, cream, milk is drawn off and the cheese has been made. The dairy industry long considered whey a problem because dumping it into sewer systems or feeding it to pigs cost as much or slightly more than the value of the whey as a commodity. This problem was solved when manufacturers developed techniques for drying the whey at high temperatures and putting the powders into body building powders, high protein bars and other food products.

While there are some high quality whey protein powders available, many more are of marginal or poor quality. The most expensive and better quality products are made from organic milk and processed at low temperatures to preserve the maximum amino acid content potential and maintain a full range of important protein components such as immunoglobulins and serum albumin (which are also present in GREEN MARINE fish protein). The quality of other whey protein powders can vary widely depending on the source of the milk used as well as the various steps in processing. Commercial milk often contains growth hormone (rBGH) and a number of antibiotics; the FDA has approved thirty. An estimated sixty percent of herbicides used in the U.S. as well as pesticides and other petrochemicals are applied to produce higher yields of feed crops that are eaten by commercial dairy cows and are present in the milk they produce. The method of processing is also very important in determining the quality of whey protein. Mass market whey proteins can be acid or bleach
processed, stripping away important nutritional components making it necessary to add back laboratory produced amino acids in order to meet nutrition specifications. As you can see, the quality of the whey can only be as good as the quality of the food, nutrition and care given to the cows as well as the quality and care used in processing the milk into the whey protein powder.

The Whey protein products chosen for this comparison represent products that are available for purchase in bulk or commonly used in protein drinks and bars. They include an organic whey protein product from Source Organic who declare their cows have never been given hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or genetically modified feed (GMO). The others are plain protein products with no flavoring added. Whey protein (of good quality) is one of the most bio-available sources of supplemental protein available at 96-98%. As mentioned,
the quality can vary considerably depending on the milk source and the methods used in processing.

Source Organic Whey protein is processed using low temperature drying and filtration and therefore retains immune components as well as glutathione.

American whey protein is unflavored, however it does contains xanthan gum

Both American Whey and NutriBio are whey protein isolates with protein levels at around 90%.

About Soy protein powder

The Solae Company, owned by DuPont, is a leader in developing soy products and ingredients for food.

On their website they tout the healthy benefits of their soy protein and discuss the sustainability of soy and the limited environmental impact of growing it.
While it may well be true that soy production uses less water and provides more usable protein per acre than other crops or animals, these markers of sustainability come at a big price.
Currently 93% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified (Fernandez-Cornejo 07/5/2012)

A number of studies over the past decade have revealed that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to humans, domesticated animals, wildlife and the environment. Human health effects can include higher risks of toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and cancer. As for the environment, genetic modification allows these plants to be sprayed more heavily with herbicides and pesticides, further polluting our air, land, and water supplies.

There are additional health problems associated with the use of soy. Soy contains goitrogens that block thyroid hormones, lowering metabolism, disrupting endocrine function and can lead to Hashimotos or Graves autoimmune disorders. There are a number of compounds in the soybean that inhibit digestion. In addition, soy contains high amounts of phyto (plant) estrogens, which promote high estrogen levels (and hormonal imbalance) in both men and women (Daniel, PhD, CCN 2005). iii

In a 2000 letter to the FDA about the potential dangers of soy, Daniel Doerge and Daniel Sheehan (the FDAs key experts and researchers on soy) wrote:

“there is abundant evidence that some of the isoflavones found in soy, including genistein and equol, a metabolize of daidzen, demonstrate toxicity in estrogen sensitive tissues and in the thyroid. This is true for a number of species, including humans.”

“Additionally, isoflavones are inhibitors of the thyroid peroxidase which makes T3 and T4. Inhibition can be expected to generate thyroid abnormalities, including goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis. There exists a significant body of animal data that demonstrates goitrogenic and even carcinogenic effects of soy products. Moreover, there are significant reports of goitrogenic effects from soy consumption in human infants and adults” (Sheehan, 2000). iv

There are two soy protein products included in this comparison: NutriBio and Bulkfoods.
Both are pure protein products with no flavoring or additives.

Fish Protein Processing

There are two main methods for extracting protein from fish, which differ considerably from the patented APP (food-grade) solvent extraction system.

The first is an enzymatic hydrolysis process involving the use of enzymes to break down the protein structures into amino acids. This process is complex, requiring varying and multiple enzymes as well as controlled temperature and pH in the hydrolysis of the proteins. To overcome some of the difficulties with the enzymatic process, enzyme membrane reactors (EMR) can be used to produce amino acids. Drawbacks also exist with EMR including deactivation and potential poisoning of the enzymes, temperature and pH sensitivity, et al.

The second is a chemical hydrolysis process using acid or alkali to breakdown the protein into amino acids. In addition to the chemical component, the main disadvantage with this process is the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine as well as the partial destruction of tyrosine, serine, and threonine (Ghaly, 2013).

APP - ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725

 Chances are the calcium supplement you are taking now is actually derived from 'rock'. The label will say “calcium carbonate,” which is limestone.

Calcium Carbonate is an inorganic form of calcium, that nutritionally is the equivalent to eating rocks. It is extremely difficult for the body to absorb and utilize this form of calcium because the body does not recognize it as food.

Thanks to APP for high quality organic protein & whole fish calcium!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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