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World economics run on technology & intellectual properties, the source of which is creativity spurned by vision & intuition

O u t s i d e  t h e  b o x  t h i n k i n g  f u e l s  s u c c e s s f u l  e n t r e p r e n e u r s.

Robyn Gardiner, Co-Executive Chairman, RGM Holdings, says: "Asia is largely unexplored creatively. There is so much literary material here, there is a very large market that has yet to be exploited. There's a lot of talent that hasn't been introduced elsewhere. We see this as a natural progress."

It's all about location & timing & Asia's time is now.


We are media production professionals connected with a global network of CDN's, systems integrators & developers offering the latest API (application programming interface) technologies to help your organization package, monitize, and stream your company/product message via high quality HD 3 screen video content delivery . . . just like the major players - at a fraction of the costs of traditional OTA broadcast TV.

Be it Video-On-Demand VOD, Internet Streaming Television IPTV, or Mobile Video via Mobile Telcoms.

corporate - broadcast - institutional - military - non-profits

Contact Sales for more information about the latest streaming video opportunities or email: bali_lau_ent@ yahoo. com

We Produce high quality low budget HD & 35mm film productions - the prime ticket for Video-On-Demand (VOD) & Pay Per View (PPV) global distribution

Home Theater Entertainment

high definition movie download content for global internet distribution technology to millions of homes & hotels

Video-on-demand/Per Per View

low cost 35mm film production in southeast Asia - high quality - superb locations, crews, lab processing, & post production in Thailand

A t t e n t i o n  I n v e s t o r s

Hollywood studios are now thinking twice about splurging on A-list movie stars and costly productions in reaction to the poor economy, but also because of the surprising success of recent films with unknown actors. After buddy comedy "The Hangover," a movie with a little known cast, made $459 million at global box offices this past summer, several films have shown that a great concept or story can trump star appeal when it comes to luring fans.

"District 9," a low-budget movie in which the biggest stars were space aliens treated like refugees and the lead actor was South African Sharlto Copley, made $200 million. Thriller "Paranormal Activity," starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, has cash registers ringing to the tune of $100 million.

'Paranormal Activity' Crosses $100M Cume: Top Grossing "R" Thriller Of Past Decade

EXCLUSIVE: So say my Paramount insiders about the $15,000 thriller that's been in national release for only 5 weekends
and began its distribution being shown at midnight only in a handful of college towns.
This pic is one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2009 for sure. “What is truly amazing about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY
is the depth of commitment from fans who demanded to see it,” said Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Brad Grey in a statement to be released later today.

Peter Jackson’s ‘District 9' Crosses $200M

There was no star, no budget, no script. Only Peter Jackson's name, which meant a lot in the marketplace.
That enabled Block to organize the funding from Comerica back in 2007, well before the financial crsis.
"I wonder if in the current climate those institutions would have stepped up," one of my insiders questioned.

"On the other hand, every time something like this happens, it makes indieprods more attractive to institutional financiers.

" The alien apartheid film likely to snag one of the newly expanded 10 Best Picture Oscar nominations did it in
worldwide box office this weekend — $115M domestic and $85M international so far (with China and Japan to come).
And, remember, this indie prod’s negative cost was only $30M

Investors: principals only - min $5000.00 USD private equity interest perHD film project




Who is ALEX , the modern day satyr from Greek legend who dances and frolics chasing nymphs all day living in a tropical jungle version of the playboy mansion? Jah (starring world rock artist shadawmon) doubles as the wacky Alex The Alley Cat, his licentious evil twin in a new rock fantasy adventure love saga HD feature film


follow the saga of Alex The Alley Cat and his playfully naughty romps Twitter

A Tom Gunn Film, HD Producer Director Cinematographer

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