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Bali Lau Entertainment Group was founded in 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada by US entertainment industry veteran artist, writer-producer, Tomy Gunn. The company later developed a tropical theme leisure entertainment web site in Hawaii known today as It's about positive thoughts, healthy lifestyles, and good living.

Bali Lau Entertainment specializes in high definition HD motion picture production of feature films, documentary content, infotainment and music video promos and Pacific Asia leisure entertainment media content entailing alluring tropical island locations, lifestyles, & attractions for HD Web-ipTV, Home Theater & mobile videos for iPhone.

Company founder Tomy Gunn has an esteemed record of achievement in film, television, original music artistry, post production, and international communications earning a 1989 Emmy Nomination for Best Editing for a Warner Bros/Hallmark Hall of Fame/Viacom production, and several Top 100 Billboard Picks as a songwriter-producer-publisher. In 1983 he designed and developed the film industry's first computer digital film interlock editing system (PFX System). With decades of experience as writer, producer, media design consultant, performing artist, and creative content developer in Los Angeles, Hawaii, the Caribbean and southeast Asia, his client list spans an impressive array of entertainment and communications companies including;

Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers Television, Viacom, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, MGM-UA Worldwide Services, Tri-Star International, New World Pictures, Fox Television Network, CBS Television Network, National Geographic, American Red Cross, Hughes Satellite Systems, Turner Entertainment Company, and CCTV (Beijing) Central Chinese Television Network, among others.

Bali Lau Entertainment is currently producing HD leisure entertainment music & video tour magazine while Tomy still continues writing and performing original music (former band moniker:shadawmon daoboyz) at select private parties & functions.

HD Videotour segments in Amazing Thailand, Hawaii, & Pacific Asia tours

Experience fun & sun sojourns in the amazing land of smiles, Thailand!

Arts & leisure entertainment are the core to Paradisemoon's fantasies, feelings, & fun infused themes. The programs are destined for HD Web-ipTV streaming Internet Home Theater, and across our Asian Mobile Video telecom distribution network.

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