ALEX  (The Alley Cat)

an avant-garde rock fantasy adventure love story of tragedy to triumph

starring world rock artist, shadawmon

(c) copyright 2008-2013 Bali Lau Entertainment Media

a Tomy Gunn Film

Story Synopsis:

A truly amazing poignant perspective of the twist & turns in the life of a foreigner in Thailand. Jah is an aging rock musician from Hollywood who comes to the kingdom on holiday in 2001 and quickly becomes immersed in a whirlwind love affair with a beautiful younger Thai lady which prompts him to relocate to Thailand to join her.


Jah and Phon live together for nearly seven years only for Jah to discover when he returns from a business trip by surprise one night Phon has a full time live-in Thai boyfriend who tells Jah to get out in a dramatic confrontation.



Over time, Jah slowly reveals his evil twin alter ego named Alex, who's cloqued in surrealism and fetish as the licentious Alley Cat acting out his 70’s style fantasy rock musician role in pursuit of women, wine & song.


After the initial emotional impact and shock caused by the betrayal by Phon, Jah chooses to learn from the experience and begins seeking a new "Ms. Right". He meets Giup and a new romance is born,


yet his
evil twin, Alex chooses to run the streets at night in pursuit of karaoke club girls.

Early in the plot Jah begins experiencing flashbacks of war scenes although he remains convinced initially that he was never a participant in the Vietnam war because he had no recollection of ever being there


yet as the flashbacks and visual imagery intensify, he eventually decides to return to Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) to investigate his past through the US Embassy only to find he was in fact a war vet with highly classified sealed records and has been suffering from PTSD for the several decades.

Jah comes to realize that his evil twin Alex is essentially a dark ID entity that has manifested from his ‘confused spirit‘ and suppressed emotions surrounding his previous experiences in Vietnam.

Early in the story Jah meets Giup and the relationship slowly evolves wherein Giup ultimately helps Jah receive a Buddhist exorcism known as Vinyan performed to remove the Alex evil twin spirit.


This evolves to Jah’s marriage proposal to Giup.


After the exorcism of Alex, Jah and Giup get married in the Temple.

The movie concludes with Jah & Giup riding off into the jungle on an elephant.    

The Alex, The Alley Cat film is comprised of a unique blend of live action, narrative, story-telling lyrics in original songs and underscore with a myriad of fascinating scenarios and exotic locations filmed in HD format in Thailand with state of the art special visual effects. The film is partially based on a true story.

The Limited Edition 'Directors Cut' HD Home Theater 16:9 DVD in  Dolby AC3 Digital Stereo Sound - Filmed in HD HQ

only available from Bali Lau Entertainment Media


Total running time 96 minutes. © copyright 2008-2013 Bali Lau Entertainment Media

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written, produced, and directed by HD cinematographer & artist Tomy Gunn for Bali Lau Entertainment Media

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