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tropical daze ~ night sounds HD/DV tour series

Our featured production, titled Tropical Daze ~ Night Sounds, is an east-west new media world music video tour cinema documentary series presentation designed as part of an on going tropical theme entertainment program.
Volume One titled, ATaste Of Thailand, includes events, attractions, and HD/DV video magazine interview clips and tours including footage of the jungles and tropical islands of south Thailand. The series is destined for distribution on Broadband Internet and Mobile phone network downloads as well as licensing to In-flight Entertainment Services , HDV Home Theater , VOD (video on demand), and H-DVD distibution.

The core topic of the Tropical Daze ~ Night Sounds series centers around the theme of exotic tropical paradise travel tour destinations, yet the program weaves world contemporary music themes with audiovisual imagery segued to vignettes depicting the diversity of local scenes, artisans, craftsmen, ethnic music, lifestyles, and visually stimulating cultural events.

We have already begun filming some outstanding footage including live musical performances from Thailand's top cultural events and local creative musicians, artists, and composers such as the renowned Tewan Sapsanyakorn for inclusion and licensing for the Thailand segments. The music video tour cinema documentary entertainment tour theme serves as a catalyst to create the allure and enticement to the serenity, natural beauty, art, crafts, temples, and vibrant culture found in Thailand, yet it's the magical essence of the blend of world contemporary music performances combined with the mezermizing natural visual imagery and new media production elements that truly captivate and hold the audience through the tropical tour portions and cultural expression embodyed in the program .

The production design in Volume One entails segments of Thailand's unique culture, art, crafts, natural sights & sounds, ethnic music instruments, and impromptu music and dance performances, hosted ny a leading Thai celibrity and our own animated mascot character combined with a music tour video style of cinema documentary content depicting local fun & sun activities and stunning locations throughout Thailand.

The entire series is scored with contemporary songs to world new age musical themes with variations of east west musical elements mixed in multi-media surround sound design that seamlessly weave the transitions from cultural vignettes to tropical paradise imagery with musical interludes.

The contrast between these elements is visually stimulating, informative, meditative and entertaining . The production is designed for sub-titling or intl V/O dubbing in multiple languages.

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