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A report published by Intelligent Spas notes that the Thai spa industry achieved 64% growth for the period 2000-2002. Exceptional performance is also reflected in the readership surveys and polls conducted by the leading international travel and leisure and lifestyle publications.

Since 1999 Thai spas have managed to consistently secure a place in the world's Top-5 overseas spas. In 2002 readers of Conde Nast Traveller - a leading travel and lifestyle magazine with a total circulation of 72,151 and readership of 355,000 -- were polled on the basis of first-hand experience of their worldwide holidays. The awards recognised the 20 best in each of ten categories: airlines, airports, car rental, cities, countries, cruise lines, hotels, islands, spas, and tour operators. The readers voted Thailand second place with an overall score of 93.67%, after Australia (93.87%) with Thailand receiving the highest score of 97.18% in the people and hospitality criteria.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin seized the top spot as the world's number one Destination Spa (92.58%)

For a lasting sense of inner peace, contentment and fulfillment visit Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand. Located on the beachfront of the royal resort of Hua Hin, Chiva-Som, meaning Haven of Life, is a beautiful secluded world of its own hidden within 7 acres of lush tropical gardens.

As Thailand settles comfortably into its new status as 'spa capital of Asia', this notable achievement masks the sector's modest beginnings. For the spa trailblazers of the early 1990s namely The Oriental Spa, The Banyan Tree Spa, and the country's only Destination Spa - Chiva-Som International Health Resort, the road to international success has been long and arduous. Creating trade and consumer awareness, understanding and acceptance of the spa products being offered took time - close to a decade.

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