Legend & Legacy a world rock artist traversing decades
article by Tang Mu, Bangkok TH

 Who is ALEX, the modern day satyr from Greek legend who dances and frolics chasing nymphs all day living in a  tropical jungle  version of the  playboy mansion?

 Jah's alter ego emerges as Alex the Alley Cat, his evil twin in a imaginative fantasy adventure love saga film.
 It explores the  notion of man's core values of a true one-on-one love with Ms. Right vs. the forbidden romps of an older man pursuing younger  women.
 Will Jah find his idyllic Ms Right, or get sidetracked with the licentious antics of his evil twin, Alex?
 Follow the saga of Alex the Alley Cat . . . looking for a kitty!


 World artist shadawmon’s auteur performance & elucidation of writer-producer-director, Tomy Gunn’s Alex (the Alley Cat) love tragedy to triumph art film is nothing short of a hand-in-glove alliance bridging the creative & skilled mind. Now at 60+ shadawmon has seldom been seen on  camera other than as a performing musician early in his career.
 In Alex (the Alley Cat), he luminously plays dual roles as the honorable yet vulnerable Jah seeking his definitive Ms. Right, and his licentious evil  twin, Alex.

 Ironically, it was written on the liner notes in 2004 when shadawmon recorded and released his only band moniker album to date, Siam Ecapeartist as a island lament/jamz artists.

“From the inner circles of distant islands encompassing several continents - songster Shadawmon, renowned for  mellow bluesy guitar & seasoned raspy vocals is the elusive drifter balladeer embraced by audiences as an emerging  bounty of the timeless. A legacy nurtured by simmering mood weaving east west melodic serenity and earthy poetic  prophesy, Shadawmon emanates celestial inspirations through fiery to mellow groove songs of love and life inspired  under moonlit starry nights in a land beyond".

 Emboldened by nature's abundance in the Universe, shadawmon still equates success by acknowledging the everyday magic & mystery  we're often too busy to recognize. With a profound affinity for the esoteric and Tarot cards where creativity is conveyed through both supersensible and natural realms of energy and insight, he's a Chinese Rat with the astrological sign Sagittarius ruled by the planet Jupiter  which rules the Pukhraj or yellow sapphire and represents truth, sincerity, and consistency.
The first thought comes to my mind is a quote once made by Mark Twain –  “any  emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary".

 Artist shadawmon is a lifelong aficionado of rock, jazz & country blending strains of these elements in well crafted songs creating artistry best  described as  Sui  Generis - an original fusion of elements, experiences, and musical textures . . . new world rock. He's maintained that  individuality as a new world rock artists for years - even on Google search shadawmon is still postioned today at #1& 2 in over 500 million web sites.

 A bluesy guitarist & gospel influenced keyboardist, his writing & arranging skills capture the essence of the moment's passion creating his own  unique twist on eclectic island skank & Jahwaiian reggae with a solid foundation in gospel R&B, and ethereal funk rock guitar, delivered live  with a select few musicians he chooses to call dao boyz.

 below shadawmon(Tomy Gunn) in 1977 with (bg) record  producer, Mark Traversino at Columbia Studios, Hollywood. Mark & Tomy have continued to write produce new media projects to this day

Over the years Shadawmon has lived a myriad of electrifying musical  experiences beginning early in 1972 in Jamaica when Stevie Winwood (Traffic) and  Eric  Clapton (I Shot The Sheriff) were recording pop-reggae hits in Kingston & shadawmon was a  young studio guitarist with Johnny Nash (Stir It Up/I Can See Clearly Now) recording Bob Marley's early  Jamaican folk  songs. He went on to  play music  with other notable west  Indian musicians along the way  like Chile  Charles  (Osi  Bisa),  Robbie Greenige  (Jimmy  Buffet), Spider  Webb (Harry  Belafonte)  and was  mentored by  world  renowned jazz  organist, Jimmy  Smith eventually  traversing to the Hawaiian islands  for  several  years working with contemporary  Hawaiian island pop artists, Harold  Kamma, Willy  K, and Fiji.








 shadawmon ventured to southeast Asia over ten years ago on holiday to explore east-west world ethnic music culture and Indo-Asian instruments,  rhythms, and textures which landed him at a new unique home base traveling between Thailand & Hawaii.

He is by no means a newcomer on the world music scene being a veteran singer-songwriter, electric/acoustic guitarist,and  multi- keyboardist and having played in just about every scenario one could imagine . . . Now with the addition of eastern influences from his Asian experience - it's time to reflect the pinnacle of his musical experience arriving at the summit of artistic and creative expression through  the latest material and performances as an aging musician playing two roles in the Alex (the Alley Cat), an avant-garde art "rock fantasy adventure" indie movie.

 shadawmon (Tomy Gunn) on the Alex (The Alley Cat) set in Soi Cowboy Bangkok, Thailand

shadawmon’s career highlights include tours of major US concert venues, Carnegie Hall, NYC, National Network Television appearances  including major rock concerts and festivals, & playing with a variety of major recording artists such as Johnny  Nash (I Can See Clearly Now) Mickey Dolenz (Monkeys), Tony Basil,(Mickey) Carole Kaye, and as bandleader arranger & studio musician  producing several artists & records and composing  scores for TV & film soundtracks.

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