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Introducing RnD Twinz  new EP & more

RnD Twinz, are Raynald & Reginald Mpali. Born on 5 June 1991 in Kimberley, De Aar. South Africa, they started singing at only ten years old
and by the time they were 13 years old, they were performing in various school talent shows, weddings, and parties.

When the RnD Twinz were in high school they had already become well known by their local friends & fans. By the 10th grade, they started recording and making their own songs & EP's.

They formed a group called BlackDiamondz. they recorded a few mixtapes and had performances all over the region. They were the first group in their town to have their music played on local radio stations in the Northern Cape.

The RnD Twinz are also now becoming well known for their extraordinary dance styles. In 2011 after graduating from high school, they moved to Cape Town,(Paarl) to pursue their music career. They recorded their first two R&B singles, 'Baby You’re The One' and 'Confused'.

So Excited', 'She Could', 'Summertime' & more

In 2012, the R&D_Twinz shot their first music video for the song “Baby You’re The One.” Later that year the brothers signed a distribution deal with an international online company “kvzmusic”. The RnD_Twinz music is currently available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more worldwide digital music stores.

In 2013, the RnD Twinz are keeping busy completing their new club single “Stand Up” featuring another local African artist named “Kamz”.

Hear the passion, trance & hypnotizing excitement from the RnD Twinz

RnD Twinz now #1 featured playlist artists on Paradisemoon Radio 100

Now playing on Paradisemoon Radio 100 mobile & web Radio Pacific Asia Mobile Network

Are You What You Want To Be?

Newbies too FOSTER THE PEOPLE  The new album Supermodel is hitting the airwaves globally

Over 700k likes on Facebook

meet Emblem3

 EMBLEM3 - from southern California -



Introducing Carley Jo Jackson



  Now playing WILDFLOWER

               Bali Lau Entertainment Media Group    a legacy of the secrets of the islands  

born in the rainforests and tropical lagoons of pacific Asia

explore a most clever and imaginitive HD rock fantasy adventure movie release

a Cannes Festival Entrant

The Alex The Alley Cat home theater DVD release is an art cult aficionado film comprized of live action, narrative, story-telling lyrics in original contemporary songs and a myriad of fascinating scenarios and exotic locations filmed in HD format in south east Asia with state of the art visual effects. The film is partially based on a true story.
Alex The Alley Cat - rent it $2.99
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   standard HD DVD
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a love saga of betrayal, lust, tragedy & triumph featuring

fabulous world rock fantasy girls in action
 You'll feel pity for Jah & then envy him with all his beauties - then roll on the floor with the licentious antics of his evil twin's wacky romps!
Alex the Alley Cat is an avant-garde rock fantasy adventure comedy love saga surrounding the plight of the main
character, Jah who's seeking his elusive Ms. Right, and the wacky romps of his evil twin,
Alex the Alley Cat.
new world rock pop songs & original soundtrack in Dolby AC3 by shadawmon ~ who sings, plays, & acts out the wacky antics of Jah's evil twin, Alex!

Rent $2.99 BUY NOW $9.99

world rock artist shadawmon as  

  View the Alley Cat Image Gallery click DVD cover  
starring an International cast of stunning Asian beauties with shadawmom debuting in an alluring original avant-garde art-expose filmed in Thailand
The Blue Ray HD DVD is only available here
Alex The Alley Cat
spectacular B i g S c r e e n HD HQ Home Theater Viewing
Blue Ray HD DVD $13.99 FREE shipping! currently out of stock

Buy the standard wide screen 16X9 HD DVD direct from Bali Lau Entertainment w/ Paypal

Alex The Alley Cat standard HD DVD 16X9 version $9.99 +$4.00 worldwide shipping/handling in stock order now

characters Jah & Phon head to Poda Isle on the Andaman Sea - Alex the Alley Cat movie

A love story of greed, lust, &  betrayal from tragedy to triumph!

  The official release is here on Instant Video (VOD) on-demand rentals.                             

Alex The Alley Cat

Filmed in HD 16:9 wide screen HD HQ
                  Dolby AC3 Digital Sound - 96 minutes.
(Blue Ray HD DVD limited time offer includes FREE shipping) out of stock

© copyright 2010- 2014 Bali Lau Entertainment Media Hawaii USA

Rent the ALEX THE ALLEY CAT world rock HD movie

the movie is now available on Amazon Instant Video-On-Demand
and the original HD 16X9 version DVD containing the full sound track is available from Bali Lau Entertainment $8.99
+ $1.50 sghipping/handling

Native Son is the original sound track album from the world rock fantasy adventure HD movie release,

composed, arranged & produced by shadwmon ~ dao boyz for Bali Lau Entertainment Media & Islandelights Music, Hawaii USA

click here to listen/download Native Son

a few of Shadawmon song download releases are also available on Amazon

Living It Up       full 7:30 min HQ version now on Amazon MP3

a little bit of heaven by the sea
from mystical islands in a land beyond

 SHADAWMON  -  Siam Escapeartist - Islandelights Records   cover art design copyright (2003)  Bruce Andri  -  CD $10.99 USD + $3.00 shipping (allow 7-10 days from order via Paypa)l

 new world rock artist - world rock fusion - island rock'n funk jamz - world folk

The entire CD is available on MP3 Downloads at CD downloads price: $7.99

"I ask myself what can I do
about all the troubles in this world
only love transcends disparity
the spiritual quiescence of harmony"

Shadawmon © (p) 2007-2014 Islandelights Music

Islandelights Records & Paradisemoon are trademarks of  Bali Lau Entertainment, Hawaii USA (c) copyright 2014 worldwide rights reserved

Siam Escapeartist CD

also available at


Amazon CDNOW


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